Aune X1 vs Schiit Magni2 Uber + Modi2 (non-uber) stack
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Sep 29, 2015
Current setup:
Xonar DX for DAC
No amp
But I'm in the K7xx massdrop right now. When the K7xx get here, I'm planning on selling the AD900X and putting that $$ towards at LEAST an amp.
My current setup is obviously not going to cut it with the K7xx. I need to get an amp! I figured out I can bypass the Xonar DX DAC and use it only for the Dolby processing. The best part about this, is it would also allow me to plug my speakers into the Xonar -- if I have the cabling figured out correctly?? -- I'd be using a toslink/coaxial to go from the DAC -> Xonar DX. Kinda new to the way this would work and never tried it before, so if you have any input on that, it would be great. Here is the Xonar DX: -- should be able to do toslink. Let me know if this will be an issue. I don't want to lose the Dolby processing as I love it for gaming.
So I'd be able to plug my speakers (old Logitech Z-5300s .. they are ancient but I do like having speakers on occasion) into the Xonar, and still have Dolby processing for my headphones. Is this correct?
As for the amp/dac .. my original plan was to buy just a Magni 2 Uber, which would run me $150, or I could go with the Aune X1 amp+dac for $179. The Schiit stack, since I'd most likely just go with the regular Modi 2 (non uber), would cost around $250 all together. How good is the Aune X1's amp+dac compared to the Schiit stack? I'm planning on the K7xx being my endgame cans, but we'll see.

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