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Aune M2 Pro Portable Player

Trader History (2)
  1. mhamam
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    In perfect shape!
    Please contact me for shipping conditions and any other questions.
    All fees and taxas included in the price. IMG_3145.JPG IMG_3146.JPG

    Technical Specifications:
    2.4'' IPS display
    Full Aluminium Chassis
    AKM AK4490 32bit flagship DAC chip
    4 Digital filter options
    OP+BUF discrete transistor headphone amp integrating elements from B1 (co-designed by B1 team).
    Gain adjustable for headphones and earphones
    PGA2311 Analog Volume control
    Over 3.1VRMS output
    SNR: -116dB
    HO THD+N- 0.001% (Loaded)
    HO noise: 5.86uV (and at near max volume @3.1VRMS noise barely s @6.08uV)
    LO THD+N- 0.001%
    LO noise: 2.76uV
    3200mAh battery
    Battery life 7 hours of continuous playback.
    Dual ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators (44khz, 48khz-192khz, DSD)
    Asynchronous clock and CPLD technology
    Micro-SD card support 128GB
    Dimensions: 65*118*18 (mm).
    Supported formats:
    WAV:16bit|24bit|32BIT- 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192K WAV + CUE
    FLAC:16bit|24bit- 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192K
    APE:16BIT/44.1K APE + CUE
    DSD format:DSF/DSD64 - DFF/DSD64 ISO
    AAC, MP4A, MP

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