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Aune M1s Impressions & Discussion Thread (Aune's newest hi-res DAP with ESS9018KM + 2.5mm Balanced Out)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    Waiting for the final production model. Should be shipped to me next week...

    Glad to hear that. I really like low gain settings that allow fine tuning sensitive IEM.
  2. mochill
    aune 100%
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well. I gave it some thought. The M1S has the edge for me due to balanced out. I am a huge fan of my pono balanced out so even though I was intrigued with the X10. I have cancelled my order and will be getting one of these instead.                          
    Will keep tabs on the thread.. Look forward to getting an M1s. 
  4. Niyologist

    Same here. I need to get a DAP that be stable and great at sound at the same time. Not settling for the X10.
  5. Razornova
    how is the navigation like? Is that a scroll wheel?
  6. hqssui
  7. Razornova
  8. hqssui

    I see what you mean. But if the firmware is like Aune M2 , long pressing up/down button takes you to the previous/next page. 
  9. ExpiredLabel
    I have no intentions of getting this player yet... though Im very excited for those jumping on the Aune ship. Ive been nothing but happy with the M2S and look forward for all of you getting an idea of what they can do. They truly know how to make a solid product that puts sound first.

    Happy listening
  10. soundblast75
    Ordered from my long time friends at Penon:blush::notes:
    It's always exciting in my books a well priced dap with good old style looks and features concentrating on sound alone..
  11. Tokyoghoul
    Am I right to believe that this is a full balanced output?
    Not a GND separation like the AK70 or Oppo HA2?
  12. mochill
    I will be ordering one from my best friend penon as well :)
  13. xuan87
    Woohoo! These are already out on Taobao at an extremely attractive price
  14. Niyologist

    How much? Also can you post a link? Thank you.
  15. pr0b3r
    Penon has been tempting me too with a sweet offer. :frowning2:
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