Aune B1S Headphone Amp Tour & Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Mshenay, Dec 3, 2017.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    Diggin it so far! Love the Aesthetic and the build, looks good, feels even better in the hand and best of all so far it sounds stellar! Using my Ypsilon G1 and Nhoord Red V1, two nice Grado-Esque style open backs that play nicely with portables but don't skimp on the resolve! 20180101_182547_edited.jpeg
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  2. howdy
    Looks good.
    I miss my HM901, one thing I wish I hadn't sold.
  3. ngoshawk

    Cool! Looking forward to comparing it to my portables and not-so-portables..:
  4. Mshenay Contributor

    My formal impressions/comparisons and thoughts are well on their way! Really impressed so far with how the M3S -> B1S combo compares to the GO V2+!!!! @drbluenewmexico I look forward to your impressions here shortly!
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    I actually had some one question me over on the MassDrop forums about how the B1S compares to my own Pico Power, now when the Pico Power is being sold at it's discounted MassDrop Exclusive price... it's very VERY competitive

    How ever at it's full MSRP I have to say the Pico Power isn't a very good value if your planning to compare it with Entry or Mid Range Dacs\DAPS. I did some listening tonight with my HM901 and the Shanling M3s and I found that really for SE Play Back the Aune B1S pair'd with the Shanling M3S as a Line Out Source is really a very competitive combo! A great value in fact! The total cost for that system is $500, now at that price I discovered two things

    1) My own Geek Out V2+ which is also $499 operating in SE only is more or less on Par with the M3S/Aune B1S combo. Where as the M3S\B1S combo had a sort of magical timbre and presentation that I really enjoyed listening to! The GO v2+ was in contrast slightly more resolving but less consistent with it's presentation of timbre. An since you still need a Graphic Interface to feed into the Geek Out V2+, I really feel pairing the B1S to an existing DAP like the M3S is the better value or purchase!

    2) The balanced output of the M3S was more or less on par with the SE output of the Geek Out V2+, though it was slightly colder but not as aggressive. Compared to the LO/B1S combo, the balanced M3S output was like the SE of the GO V2+... not better so much as it was different. How ever the value depends on the user. If you only need to purchase one balanced cable, than you may prefer the simplicity of just using the M3S's 2.5mm balanced output. How ever if you need 2 balanced cables for 2 different headphones [assuming they don't have the same modular connector or theey both need to be hard wired\Made Modular]... then the cost is disproportionate. As you'll only spend more for a "different signature"

    Now what's really nice about the Aune B1S is that it will scale! When I pair'd it with my Hm901 that combo was better than both the Geek Out v2+ AND the balanced output of the Shanling M3s

    So really, in terms of Value it would seem that for owners of multiple headphones who want a portable solution will really appreciate the sound of the B1S as well as it's ability to scale with a better source. Additionally, the Class A +\ - options too allow you to some what change the sound of the amp. Overall I found the Class A + operation had more body but also better resolve. The Class A - option was "cleaner" and leaner but very much lacked resolve in the mid range and really didn't compare well to the other "lean and clean" options in my collection. Still though all of my impressions have been done with a heavily modified Audio Technica ES 10, which is darker than it is bright, and very well resolved

    So again for owners of multiple headphones, the B1S is an excellent value it's combined tonal flexibility and scale allow it to pair nicely with a variety of different sound signatures.
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  6. silverfishla
    I own the Aune B1s and feel that in Class A operation, it doesn't reach it's full potential until the amp gets hot (about 30-40 minutes in). The first 1/2 hour or so, it can sound a bit tight and a tad gritty (for lack of a better word). After that, the amp is clearer and more robust. Just my take on it. I've had the amp for a few months now.
  7. kukkurovaca
    Is anyone planning to compare the B1S to the XRK Pocket Class A amp?
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh well thankfully my music impressions were well over 30 minuet's into listening, prior to listening to music I started with some purely sound-stage/imaging tracks and prior to that I turned the amp on and configured the Volume output with some pink noise. I found that the overall imaging doesn't change from minute 1 to minute 180, how ever resolve and timbre do improve after about 20-30 minute's. By the time I finish volume matching and work my way through the imagine tracks it's been at least 25-30 minuets

    Hopefully @Lost Cosmonaut will be, as I believe that she has that very amp! She will correct me if I'm wrong however
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  9. Mshenay Contributor
    20180114_204238_edited (1).jpeg

    This was a combo I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I have been! Finishing up my thoughts tonight of the Aune B1S with my HD 800 an the Shanling M3S!
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  10. ngoshawk
    I must say, that the silver color, aided by the red-backed pleather (?) is quite a looker. Stunning. I usually go for the basic black colored items (except my blue M3s...), but the silver on the B1s highlights the critter quite well.

    Looking forward to comparing it to my iBasso PB3, which is now playing almost constantly as my go-to portable. And, I mus say that the XRK Pocket Class A looks quite intriguing!
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  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Right! I originally went with blue on the M3S to make it pop when I took pictures of it with my Orange M2S, we lucked out an also got the Red/Silver Aune B1S too! An I agree I like this color scheme a little more than the basic black on black

    Video review is up! Contains my complied thoughts, written review to follow.
  12. drbluenewmexico
    Charging B1s up to hear it's sound later tonight.
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  13. drbluenewmexico
    Got unit charged and listening now from HTC10 and Denon MM400s. Wooden phones reveal a lot WOW my head is spinning with Ajja playing crazed Kosmic psytrance amazing class A live sound
    Better after amp warm... 3D sound..
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  14. Mshenay Contributor
    ooh Class A and wood closed backs! Pics please

    and yes my Audio Technica ES 10s have cocobolo wood housings as well :3
  15. ngoshawk
    Cool! How do you like the Denon’s? I was looking at them for a closed-back headphone, but ultimately went with the VModa Crissfade II wireless.
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