auditioned vs purchased GS-1000
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Dec 1, 2007
A few weeks ago, I auditioned the GS-1000. I would describe it as a "refined" RS-1 where the soundscape was improved.

When I got a new one, it was a completely different story. EVERYthing was improved - range, detail, attractiveness, space, etc. It made all the other phones I tried sound dead in comparison at the volumes I listen to: 880, 770, 325i, k701 (just auditioned).

The key bit of information here: The demo'd unit was one of the very first runs (first month or two of production). Has anyone else noticed a HUGE difference between early and late production models?
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No complaint. See my other thread: Utter Joy and Amazement! I'm just curious if I got lucky with an amazing one off build, this is a general tendency of newer builds, or if it was just a bum demo unit (loosely speaking, it DID convince me to go ahead and purchase the GS-1000).

Re: subtle
Spearit Audio in Boston. A bunch of really great guys. They actually had an awesome set-up.
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I had a few GS1000 in the past and non of them was build differently, all equal, maybe the colour of the wood was darker or something. I did have one pair, which sounded pretty creamy, but thats could be an burn in effect, however...

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