Audirvana vs. Pure Music
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Mar 8, 2014
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Mar 8, 2014
I recently fell into this music player rabbit hole, and after extensive testing, I'm down to Pure Music & Audirvana.

In the current versions, these two seem fairly close to me: the differences:
Audirvana seems to have a more analog / tube-like sound. Sometimes it seems that it makes the music sound more beautiful, syrupy almost. I can hear drums decay better on it. However, sometimes it feels slightly veiled - especially when compared to Pure Music. Also seems to very slightly lack in dynamics, compared to Pure Music.

Pure Music has slightly better detail retrieval - it seems as if the curtains have been pulled, and you can peer
deep into the music. However, sometimes it feels as if the sound is slightly hard. It also has a slightly more dynamic sound.

There's a difference in the tonality of the instruments between the two, but not sure which one's more lifelike. I listen mostly to classical music.

Sometimes I prefer one, other times the other. Question is, which one do i go for?

I wanted to gather other listener's impressions, which one they prefer, and why.

Both have been bug free for me, and I'd appreciate if the conversation didn't get sidetracked by the user interface / bugs / other tech issues etc. There are better existing threads for that. Listening impressions only, please.
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