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audirvana 3.5 update?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Dan Fuentes, Sep 16, 2018.
  1. Dan Fuentes
    ...."coming soon" for a very long time no?
  2. applesnowleo
    It has been promised for a while, I saw a post on audirvana fóruns stating that version 3.5 will come until the end of the year as a free upgrade for existing users.
  3. Lohb
    It is out now but I don't like the GUI at ALL ! It puts all album artwork on a left column...drag the column bar right to see all artwork and when you re-open it.. back to column view.....and there seems to be no intuitive way to get back to album artwork from tinkering with the setttings.

    I like the previous version much better.....you can install 3.5 next to 3.x.x, so it will not overwrite it, as its now known as 'Audirvana' without the 'plus' so your old/new version will sit side-by-side in the apps folder.

    Default is the hard to see 'dark (blue) mode' and there is a 'white mode' at least....but 3.2.16 is not broken regarding the GUI...only reason to put up with the new GUI would be sound quality improvement...but I think it's just a cosmetic upgrade, unless there is any commentary about sound improvements.
    Back to 3.2.16 I go....BAAH ! :triportsad:
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  4. robo24
    Just bought it for my Mac. Can't get it to truly synchronize with iTunes. Sure it can import everything, but it doesn't update iTunes Play counts and last played dates which I care about. The legacy integration is supposed to do that, but after the first song, Audirvana plays one song, while iTunes shows a completely unrelated song is playing. Have to individually select each song that I want to play. So far it's $75 in the garbage. Support ignored most of my questions in their suggestion, which didn't address any of the issues. The suggestion was not to use the legacy integration, which was the only reason I bought it. Can anyone find a manual? I can for 3, but my understanding is 3.5 is quite different.
  5. PopZeus
    Yeah, after messing around with the new 3.5.11 Audirvana, I'm going back to the Audirvana Plus 3.2.16 release.

    Most notably, it keeps crashing after every library update, and the interface has way too many bugs. For example, I like having metadata permanently open and the 3.5 release doesn't update what's displaying in the metadata column when you click on a new track. You have to collapse the window then reopen it, just to get the selected track to display. That's on top of the fact that the app doesn't remember my UI settings, so the artist/album and metadata columns shrink to their default width whenever the app restarts, or even after going to the preferences panel and back. I shouldn't have to manually resize them every time I leave the main window. Honestly, this feels like a beta release.

    On a more subjective point, I prefer having the artist, album, etc. columns above the track window instead of to the left, and there's no way to change that in the new UI. And that preferences panel? It's an organizational mess compared to the previous app's mini-window. For all these supposed UI improvements, it seems like it's mostly taking big leaps backwards on that front. One would think the bugs I mentioned in the last paragraph would be high priority, but who knows? There have been multiple bug fixes since 3.5.0 was released and none of the ones I mentioned have had an attempt at being addressed.

    Documentation is non-existent, so I tried to register for the message boards and I'm still waiting for my activate user email from the admin. Even if there are ways to fix my concerns within the app, it's not making it easy for me to learn how.

    I do like the minimized version of the app window, with the large album art. And when offered the option for a darker theme, I usually opt for it. Those are about the only positive things I can say about 3.5.11. Oh, and I guess sound-wise, I didn't notice any hit to performance.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  6. Lohb
    Yeah, what HAPPENED with this update ? It's a mess. No advance beta testers to iron out the bugs...happy back at old version.
    Solid as a rock.
    Only thing that puzzled me on 3.2.16 is if you filter main window by artist through search bar, no idea how to get back up to top level with all albums..have to close and re-open A+...
  7. robo24
    I asked for a refund because it didn't do what it was advertised to do with iTunes integration and I was ignored, and still can't post on the forums to try to get answers. Very not cool. Found Bitperfect later which is all I really needed anyway.

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