audiotrak prodigy hd2 - what is wrong?
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Mar 13, 2008
I'm having a problem with my Prodigy HD2. When I listen to music or whatever, randomly a sharp beep pops up for about a half second. On an average this happens like once every 2 minutes and sometimes more in certain songs I tend to assume. I don't know how to describe the sound other than saying it is similar to the sound you hear when a mobile phone goes off and disturbs the sound. Ever heard that? It's a sharp beep. Does anyone know what it can be? Is the sound card broken? Oh yeah, it is not the phone in this case.

Another thing... does anyone know how to install this driver on the card: PRODIGY HD2 Envy24 Family Drivers v5.20

Any help would be appreciated..
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I don't know how does the beep sounds, but have you tried increasing latencies on the control panel? Try to disable Sampling Rate Optimisation too. And what player did you use (and you use DirectSound, ASIO)?

EDIT: The driver you mention can't be installed, because it on different firmware
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Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately I can't change these settings because in the driver it is part of Qsound, and that doesn't work because I'm using Vista 64 bits. Very gay because the card is advertised as being 64 bits compatible...

See where I mentioned this problem.

It happens in Winamp when I play via DirectSound but it can also occur when I watch a youtube video or something.

About the driver, is it not possible to install a different firmware on it?
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Is the control panel on Vista 64 bit is different from XP?

The firmware, I don't know. I think it can only be found on pre-production cards only, I think I found firmware before, but don't seems to remember where, or which one is it

Try to e-mail Audiotrak, and blame them to accelerate releasing new driver. I'm having trouble with this card too, can seems to run Crysis at all, I e-mail them, they know the problem BUT still no new driver has been released, it has been 5 months, and several user start to shoot them with e-mail regarding this problem too

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