Audiotechnica ONTO headphones $70 in USA?
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Jun 19, 2009
Audio-Technica - Adjustable Headphones - ATH-ON3ABK

i bought my ONTO headphones for $14 dollars online a few months before but theyre 70 bucks at best buy?
please tell me it's just way overpriced...
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The official price is around US$30 IIRC.
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they around $70 in Canada
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There are a lot of fake ONTO's out there. Just take a look at the ones on FocalPrice.

I bought mine a few months ago from for $35 shipped and they were the real deal. Couldn't find a better price from a legit reseller at the time, and I looked pretty hard.
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What exactly is the difference between the fake and the genuine?
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I owned both: an ebay pair in the plastic packaging ($10) a real pair in the box ($35). The only major difference I can remember in terms of feel is the overall solidity of the real ones and also how the sliding headband is actually notched on the fakes and pretty much smooth on the originals. And also the sound - it's just more lively and present in the genuines ones. The fakes sound flat, veiled, and distant.
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The headphone adjustment is the same on mine. On the genuine AT's it's notchy (as it should be) on the fake the adjustment is smooth. The Fake AT's SQ is full and deep compared to the real AT's which is ... thin to say the least, but good.

But there are differences. the thickness of the ear pads, the blue (ink looking) marks on the driver casing, and a few more. I hate to say it, but if the sound is .. bassy, then they're fake!

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