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Jul 28, 2011
Anyone else a fan of this series? I bought the 2nd one recently and am really digging it. Already a TON of great custom skins out.
For anyone not familiar with this game, it's a rhythm game that generates a "race track" according to an audio file that you give it, you then ride down in step to the music (with lots of pretty colors exploding around you). It's my favorite thing to do when I just feel like listening to music without doing anything else. It can definitely intensify the experience and draw you in to the music more. It works best with music with a strong beat, but in general is pretty versatile. Look up any given song on youtube, there's a good chance someone's posted a "run" of the song if you want to get a feel for it (though most are from Audiosurf 1, Audiosurf 2 has better graphics + more modes etc.). Anyways both games are quite cheap and if you're on this forum you've probably spent quite a lot on audio equipment already :wink: -- I recommend giving this series a shot.
"Mono" mode is my favorite as it's the simplest mode that requires no real thought, just hit the color blocks, avoid the gray blocks, and ride along to the beat, most people seem to enjoy this one a lot so I suggest trying it first.
Pretty in-depth review:
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Aug 7, 2015
I actually don't like the game that much. I can't play it for more than a few minutes without becoming insufferably bored. JUST listening to the music is fine but the game just adds a sense of tedium to it that I can't seem to explain. It also is kind of annoying when 95% of songs have essentially the same exact track.

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