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AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. DynamicEars
    Nice, would like to hear you impressions buddy
  2. snip3r77
    ok thanks

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  3. Cevisi
    i dont think that it will beat the andro. A8 maybe
  4. rubick
    End of the day, need to see the listener preference too.
    Even though 1 earphone can have better technicality, if the listener does not like the tuning, he will still not choose it.
    For me, I personally prefer the T800 over Andromeda(1st gen).
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  5. JohnNick
    looking forward to this comparison!
  6. blacksesame
    anyone have the little bear b4-x amp? I wonder how it sounds with T800...

    I'm enjoying the T800 more and more, the tuning is pretty spot on to what i like. I was thinking of getting filters for it but I don't think I need it.
  7. Pizza Funghi
    I'd like to thank you for bringing the T800 to my attention as I thought it was you and @blomman77 and @FastAndClean who first set their hands on it.

    A very good recommendation imo. There's not much to complain about: build quality is good, fit and comfort is excellent, easy to drive, they are very detailed without being too flat/boring etc pp. I even like the stock cable (the thin white one)and don't feel the need to upgrade.
    I can easily understand and confirm anything good that's been said on this thread about the T800. I'd even call them musically (but what do I know).
    The treble sounded a bit exhausting when I first listened to them 10 days ago so I added any available filter to my AE cart in order to tame the beast. Turns out they respond pretty good to tip rolling. I currently use them with a set of double flange tips that came with IMR R1 Zenith. They work best for me atm.
    Thanks guys
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  8. blacksesame
    how does it compare to the r1 zenith?
  9. Pizza Funghi
    I didn't do much A/B comparisons as I was having a cold last week and I'm surely not the most sophisticated person when it comes to audio description (imagine Catweazle talking about electricity...)
    The most noticable differences are imo: instrumental separation and layering is clearly better with the T800. I'd say 5.67% better. Also the T800 wins the prize when it comes to detail revealing. Though it's closer here. I'd say 2.34% better

    The R1 Zenith are punchier and a bit more energetic. I still think the R1 Zenith B Stock is good value.
  10. FastAndClean
    you are welcome, sometimes when you risk you can win
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  11. blacksesame

    thanks !

    haha that's some precise numbers. its okay I'm not good at describing what I hear either but I try my best.

    glad you are enjoying the t800
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  12. blomman77
    Just glad that i/we could recommend something this good.
    The quality,both soundwise and build quality is really fantastic for the Money!
    Hopefully more Head-Fiers will be able to hear them.
  13. FastAndClean
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  14. SilverEars
    Source of this measurement? It's interesting how the treble extends like it does, and it's probably due to being BA than dynamic. Atleast with the compensation curves, the response should drop off below 10k, and for t800, not. Is this why people perceive U shaped response?
  15. blomman77
    That is a nicely modified version of the Harman curve.
    The 7k dip to get rid of sibilance,and greater extension for more airy sound
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