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AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. knopi
    How would you describe tunning T800?
    And can this be compared with some popular iems like Reborn, Andro, FIBAE7, Viento...? Or miracle not happens :D

    I just want cheaper quality iems. I had problem with tinitus in past, so I want just try iem again but want quality one of course no one want listen bad sound.
  2. FastAndClean
    Tinitus and t800 are not a good match
  3. knopi
    I had it in past, not now. It could be from different reasons, who knows.
  4. kukkurovaca
    I don't have the T800 (so far) but Crinacle has a measurement for them in his graph tool. If you have another pair of IEMs that are in his database, you can compare them side by side or set your IEM as "baseline" and then see how the T800 differs from that response which you know. This is more helpful (to me) than just trying to eye the graphs, because you're less likely to misinterpret something that's an artifact of the measuring setup as belonging to the frequency response of the IEM.

    Of course this will just tell you about the tuning, not about the technicalities, soundstage, timbre, etc. But it's a great help especially if you're concerned about certain frequency ranges.

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  5. Titanotron
    Hey! I happen to own both and both serve different purposes. One is my go-to for enjoyment while the other is my commuter/workout IEM. I initially bought the FH7's after randomly trying them on the same day I was planning to buy Andromedas. They wowed me and long story short I walked out with the FiiO's over the Andros. The T800's on the other hand were a set that I bought after I noticed some shortcomings of the FH7, namely isolation and comfort (small ear canal). To begin, the FH7 is bright, airy, and fast while the T800 is thicker, wider, and fuller.

    Coming from the Focal Elex, I enjoyed the FH7's due to their tight and controlled, yet low reaching bass along with lean mids and airy treble. The both are quite similar although they are also both prone to sibilance. Soundstage and separation are above average but where the FH7's shine are their ability to create an amazing sense of height. Bass is incredibly tight with near non-existent bleed and can be EQ'd with great results. The dynamic driver does wonders in this department and offers great detail on the low end. Mids have lightning fast transient response and thus can sound a bit emotionally distant, yet they are still detailed and enjoyable if you like leaner mids. I also found that switching to balanced fixed many of the shortcomings in the mids. The treble extends well and offers heaps of detail and vertical space. On certain tracks, sibilance can creep in although this is a non-issue most of the time.

    Onto the T800's. I bought them due to the universal praise that they were receiving but moreso for their isolation. The FH7's shallow fit and dual vents put their isolation below the average but the T800's excel here. For commuting, I would recommended the T800's. In terms of sound, the treble above 8k is much less pronounced than the FH7's and instead has a greater emphasis on upper mids. While the FH7 can get sibilant, those who are sensitive to upper mids can find the T800's to be shouty. The T800's although wider, have much less air and height, something that I value immensely about the FH7's. Mids are much thicker than the FH7's and detail is very in-your-face. In the low-end, mid-bass seems to take priority and can sound a bit muddy when compared to the FH7's, although the quantity of bass is remarkable for a full BA set. The T800 bass decays slower and sounds fatter than the punch-and-go sub-bass focus of the FH7's.

    All in all, the FH7's fit my sonic preferences better in terms of height/airiness, leaner mids, speed, and tight controlled bass. The T800's are no slouch in the detail and wideness department, and their isolating qualities make them a wonderful commuter IEM (FH7's suffer here). If you are a fan of a thicker timbre with emphasized upper mids and mid-bass focus, the T800's will suit you better. Fit and comfort will not be a problem for those with average or larger ears and FH7's offer a shallower fit than the T800's (both have great build quality). This again comes all down to preference. LMK if you have any other questions! :)

    TLDR: FH7 = fast, lean/bright (sometimes sibilant), airy, tight-bass (more sub-bass), great height, decently wide, poor isolation, shallow fit, metal build | T800's = thicker mids (sometimes shouty), fatter/slower bass (more mid-bass), stage wider but not nearly as tall, wonderful isolation, resin build
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  6. BlackspeedF355
    Great comparison, you seem to find both their strengths and weaknesses. It sounds like to me in your conclusion that you can't go wrong with either but you have to find the one that suits your sonic preferences. I haven't heard the FH7 before but I do like Fiio's products in general.

    Personally I haven't found the T800 wanting for anything as they easily surpass anything that I've owned prior including the se846. For the genre of music I listen to they're perfect. If I ever get the chance to listen to the FH7 that might change.

    Be sure to report back when you receive the Moondrop S8 with another comparison. I've been waiting for BGGR to do his review but for some reason he only released a A8 vs S8 audio comparison that I do not think does either of them justice.

    Question: How well does the Shure BT dongle work with the T800? A wireless option sounds nice.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  7. knopi
    kukkurovaca, so crin should probably review them that is good.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  8. kukkurovaca
    IIRC somebody said he wasn’t impressed with them. Which shouldn’t necessarily discourage you in itself unless you know your tastes align closely with his.

    But even if you totally disagree with his rankings, the measurement tool is a fantastic resource.
  9. wayofthedawn

    AudioSense is also selling a bluetooth headphone cable, just thought i'd let you know
    BT Cable.PNG
  10. HardstyleLoco96
    So after listening to the Andros, Moondrop S8, Fh7 and T800. I can conclude while the T800 is bright, it's actually a warmer sounding iem compared to the rest. The Fiio FH7, Moondrop S8 and Andros all sound very different to each other. All have strengths and differences. 100% the T800 is the warmest out of all of them. When you keep swapping one by one, to my ears it sounds like the Andro is the clearest out of the 4, the FH7 is the most balanced, S8 is the one with most treble energy, T800 is the most warmest. But the T800 to my ears is the one with the details right at your face. Then come Andros, S8 and FH7. Now they all are seriously clear iems. And all honestly have great low end. FH7 would come first, T800, S8, Andros in terms of tightness. In terms of extension, T800, Andros, FH7 S8. In quantity, T800, Andros, FH7, S8. Mids I also find a big difference. Yes the T800 sound the more in the back but they sound correct. They also have the most timbre and thickness while still having great detail. The FH7 while sounding a bit more forward, feel like if the mids are more back then they should. They feel slightly distant but I do agree, this gives a great sense of depth. But detail ultimately feels the least compared to the other 3. The T800 to my ears I feel have the most detailed mids but in a controlled, laid back way. Very in your face but effortless. Andros bring the detail in a clear, crisp, airy way but sometimes lack some of that thickness than is needed in guitars. But clarity is awesome. The S8 is in between the T800 and Andros but some part in the mid sounds a bit shouty, but this only come rarely to me. Treble, is where it gets interesting. The T800 feels the warmest here as well. But in detail terms, it would be T800, Andros, FH7,S8. Even though the T800 feel the warmest, they still deliver the details without a loss of clarity. The Andros are crystal clear, more analytical, great for listening, but I wouldnt use as a every day iem. For me the Andros can be a bit more fatiguing after a while, but they are tuned very nicely. The FH7 have that extra sparkle, more so than T800 and Andros but it's done so so nicely, maybe it's one of the most cleanest trebles I have heard in an iem. It's energetic but yet very controlled. But I still do hear more detail in the other two. The S8 is a mix of all three, it sounds slightly similar to the T800 but weight in the treble to my ears lack a bit. It's energetic, maybe even more than the rest, but detail I feel is the least out of the rest. They all have a bright signature where clarity, detail and resolution is the focus. But they all do it in different tastes. Soundstage. Width for me goes to T800, Andro, S8, FH7. Height goes FH7, Andro, S8, T800. Imaging. T800,Fh7,Andro,S8. Depth, T800,Andro,FH7,S8. This is with me using the 9038s as source and using cable 171 with all iems. So far if I had to rank them. The T800 and FH7 are my favourtie out of the 4. Then Andro and S8. But damn, they all are great iems and honestly you can't go wrong with any. It may seem that the S8 are my least favourite but nope. I actually really really like them. What they do better than all the rest is being able to give a mixture of all of them and make you feel like you arent missing out. All are great iems :D

    If you want fun, warmth, the most detail. But not the most balanced. T800 is the one to go for.

    If you want a bit more balance, a bit more treble energy, high clarity, leaner mids. Andros are your poison. Very great for analytical listening.

    If you want balance. Good for all day listening. Detail is the least. Great treble tuning. The FH7 is your pick.

    If you want a mix of all them because you can't decide which to go for. The S8 is your pick.

    Quick fix. By the Andromedas. I mean the 2019 version. So original, but newer.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2019
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  11. redrol
    Very nice review sir. Great information!

    I wonder what source/amp you were using?
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  12. baskingshark
    Nice comparisons. When u say Andros, which version of the Andromeda are we referring to? Gold or original?
  13. HardstyleLoco96
    Thank you very much. All of them are honestly great iems. I like a warmer but extremely detailed sound. So the T800 are my pick. But they all are honestly iems you can't go wrong with. The FH7 are very very nice sounding, but the mids can sound sometimes too distant in some songs. But the height they give is crazy good. The Andros are very nice to listen to when you are in the mood to disect music. But lack some fun. And arent great for all day, every day listening. You crave some of that warmth and fun factor. The S8 are a mix of all, but sometimes you may want more detail, you may want more low end, you may want a bit more clarity. But it does the mix so well, it could be the one you'd have and stay with the longest. The T800 is the warmest most detail. But you may want a bit more clarity, a bit more height, a bit more sparkle.

    Ultimately there is no perfect iem, we all will at one point want to upgrade and find something else. But the question is. What "something else" do you want? :)
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  14. HardstyleLoco96
    Original :) I like the original Andros the most while the others did bring a bit of a slightly different experience

    . Fix. They are the Andromedas 2019 version. So original but newer.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  15. HardstyleLoco96
    I mentioned it in the post but it is a long post you may have missed it. I used the E1DA 9038s paired with my Samsung S9 on poweramp as source and dac/amp :)
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