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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. knowhatimean
    Yep, you are right .
  2. moviemike

    I just looked and your correct. Now Im back to looking for a 3rd party cable for the Elears. I can live with the length of the NightOwl
  3. knowhatimean
    You might want to take a look at ImpactAudioCables . You can find it on Etsy.
    I believe the cable you want for the Elears is called their Half Sleeved Type 6 N Copper. They also have headphone cables for the NightOwls (which are the ones I'll probably get an 8' pair of)
    His cables look very reasonably priced (as far as these things normally go for) & 1 or 2 people on this thread or the other ( NH & NO) thread have had favorable dealings with this Co.
    Give them a look !
  4. moviemike
    Thank you I will check them out and will look at any recommended cables. The NightOwls now have about 25 hours on them and are sounding great. The Focal Elears sound good right away but Audioquest isn't kidding about break in. The 150 hours they say may be much but if you audition these with only a few hours you will probably be disappointed.
  5. knowhatimean
    I was a bit disapponted (with the NH) but I recognized immediately that it was just a matter of how they were 'voiced' for "popular/electric instruments based music"
    I made a simple adjustment to the inside of each earcup & gave it another try with the NH now voiced for Acoustic instrument based music. It wasn't too horrible on the second try.
    I don't really recall at what hr count it was when I was really quite pleased with their progress I've had a few $1k or better "cans" that haven't continually impressed me as much & as often as the NH has. (& I just had a deja vu that I've probably written this same line on the original NH thread)
    I'll be picking up a set of NO on 2/21, as some of the things I've learned from the NH have taught me that as well designed & modularly built these headphones are it amounts to nonsense believing that open backed  & closed backed headphones can be better at certain sound characteristics.(Though I am listening to my HPs with at least $12K of equipment sitting in front of them at all times; I haven't listened through a portable setup for at least 20 or 25 years)
    If you still hold to that, I would suggest that you really haven't been listening to your headphones nearly close enough (Well at least this holds true for listening to wide dynamics acoustic music)
  6. esm87
    Any NO owners here listen to rap/hip hop? Any experience of NO with dx200?

  7. Andreeww
    Why are these modular? Am I missing something?
  8. Rish732
    I listened to a bunch of Tribe Called Quest yesterday and today with the NO and ultrasuede.  Loved it.  I'm sure the pleather would give you more bass but I felt the sound was engaging and "thick" without being too intimate.
    Loved it. 
  9. esm87
    thank for feedback bud
  10. knowhatimean
    Nope you're not missing anything !
    The reason that you'd want something to be modular is that it makes it a lot easier to change or replace something should your dog or cat decides they found a "new toy" or you placed them somewhere you shouldn't have & something got broken.
    Now if the phones don't come apart easily you may have to completely replace them instead of just find out what part needs to be replaced & do the fix easily yourself .
    Well on second thought you might be "missing something" if the HPs  sustained some type of mishap & you couldn't take care of it .
    Andreeww likes this.
  11. Tribble
    [emphasis mine]
    Exactly why I have to remember to put my Nightowls in the front room (with the door shut) every night. Our (i.e. my wife's) cat has eaten far too many wires. I'm amazed she's still alive (the cat, not the wife) given the mains leads she's chewed to mushy, shredded remnants with visible copper - while still plugged in and powering things!
  12. joeq70
    So, a couple things. 1) I like the NO better than I liked the NH when I had it. I think the NO is a bit more engaging. The overall quality of the sound is not really better or worse, just a matter of preference. 2) I decided to kinda, eh...jump the shark with my audio setup. I ordered a Subpac M2 which will be fed from the line out of my headphone amp. My goal is to have my NO + Subpac together recreate the feeling of being at a live concert. Impressions of that will follow later this week.
  13. esm87
    sounds interesting. What music do you listen to??
  14. joeq70
    Mostly indie music. Typically rock, pop, and electronic. Also a bit of metal.
  15. esm87
    listen to much kings of leon and stereophonics? If so how do they sound through the NO? Is seperation good on these?
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