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AudioQuest Nighthawk, Nightowl cables and case

Trader History (17)
  1. .Sup
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Europe

    I would like to sell three cables, individually or together.

    First, are the two cables that came with Nighthawk:

    Silver, solid core cable, 260cm in length.


    Thin, gold plated cable, 260cm in length.


    Silver cable, strands, 130cm in length. Got this one as a replacement for the solid core one as people had issues with that one. I, however, had none but I treat my stuff with care.

    I am selling the cables as I am using one with a 2.5mm balanced connector to use with my portable balanced player.

    Prices: first cable 50€, second 20€, third 50€. I believe both silver cables are 100€ each when purchased from AudioQuest. Both cables one and two have been lightly used, the third one has only been tested to work, all show no marks of use.
    Silver connectors tarnish over time and need to been cleaned with a silver cloth. As I am selling two silver cables I will cut the silver cloth for maintaining connectors in half, unless somebody buys both cables. The cloth is unused. If somebody buys all three cables I will throw in the Nighthawk carrying case that has never been used once I took the headphones out for the first time.
    Add 5€ for shipping in Europe for cables plus PP fees. Pictures of the leather case upon request.


    IMG_7028.JPG IMG_4489.JPG IMG_3242.JPG

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
  2. .Sup
  3. .Sup
  4. .Sup
  5. .Sup
  6. .Sup
    The first cable has been sold, the other two still available :)
  7. .Sup
    Second cable just sold, third one still available :)
  8. MattTCG
    Not that he needs the endorsement but this guy was really on point and quick with the shipping for me. Very much recommended despite being an overseas sale.
  9. .Sup
    Thank you for the kind words Matt :)
  10. .Sup
    Second cable sold, only third one still available so dropping the price of third cable to 40€. Added pics of unused Nighthawk case, 50€. It's really well made.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
  11. .Sup
  12. .Sup
    All cables now sold, the case still available :)
  13. .Sup

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