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AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ghostchili, Jan 7, 2015.
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  1. waynes world
    It's comments like that that keep me from splurging $1300 for other headphones. Thank you... very sincerely.
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  2. CaptainFantastic
    Yes, but there are also cases where the more expensive headphones are a clear, vast improvement in sound. There is clear, clear improvement, very enjoyable opening up with a sense of zero pressure, sufficient space and exact imaging, but also not any less relaxing to me than the Nighthawk. It's not the sort of thing where you do A/B testing repeatedly to see which is better. You switch from the Nighthawk to the MX4 and say instantly, yes... it's another level on every point. Except the obvious one, comfort, for which the Nighthawk and Nightowl are unmatched.

    This is why I keep the Audioquest units, for when I want to have headphones on for hours and hours and still a very good sound that still doesn't disappoint when switching down from the MX4. The Nightowl is that rare headphone that I can put on after the MX4 and not feel disappointed.
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  3. Shopperidea
    The velour is a good choice for me in hot weather although I have been using buds or items instead when it is too hot.
  4. FiGuY1017
    Don’t get me wrong the hekv2 is fantastic, the nhc imo though, stands on its own merits . The hekv2 has a huge sound and is very musical and detailed, but as others have also said, for pure enjoyment they are truly killer cans and compete, for me with anything
  5. slowpickr
    The NHC is a strange HP for me. When I first put them on they sound like crap. Then, after 5 minutes or so, they become really enjoyable. Have never experienced anything quite like it frankly.
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  6. Qute Beats
    Is that coming straight off other HPs? For me on a used pair they were awesome from first listen and the magic is always there every time :beyersmile:
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  7. slowpickr
    Both scenarios actually. I do think it is more drastic coming off of other HPs. I am still in the burn in process which I'm not a big believer in but am doing because the manufacturer suggests it.
  8. FiGuY1017
    I thought mine were broken when I first got them, they sounded like a muffled mess and that was after being warned..almost exchanged them until I put my he560 cable on them and kept listening, after a couple hours I fell in love
  9. slowpickr
    Yes, muffled is a great description of what I'm hearing. I think think it's time to start looking for alternate cables:wink:.

    Edit : I'm not a fan of the stock cable anyway. Too stiff.
  10. waynes world
    Ok, now we're talking about a $3000 pair of headphones :fearful:

    Sadly I don't see them in my future, so I will continue to be happy with my cheapies lol
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  11. Qute Beats
    hope they end up totally awesome for you too. I believe in burn in for speakers/ HPs, but not electronics or cables. The speaker diaphragms do need to loosen up from new, whether the claimed 150 hrs is required though I have no idea, but seems excessive.
  12. slowpickr
    Aren't the NHC ear cup cable jacks 3.5mm? I don't have the HP with me at the moment. If so, I'm thinking this cable would work quite nicely:


    Probably going to get it anyway since I already have the Meze Neo.
  13. Fasterball
    No the connectors on the Nighthawks and Owls are 2.5mm monos to the cups.
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  14. mbwilson111
    I have never thought of mine as cheapies! They continue to bring me joy.:)
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  15. slowpickr
    Well shoot. Thanks.
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