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AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ghostchili, Jan 7, 2015.
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  1. Qute Beats
    Completely agree. My other headphones are now back in their boxes, Hawks are all I need :beyersmile:
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  2. alxw0w
    Can somebody tell me the difference between AQ nighthawk classic (with wooden finish) vs nighthawk carbon ?
    Despite different color finishes what abut sound quality ? Are there any differences ?
  3. Windseeker
    You may want to refer to this post.
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  4. miksu8
    My wooden Nighthawk's cable is starting to have connection issues on hp end. Is there a common reason, like female connector getting loose, or corroded or something else? Looks like it's not an easy job to open and study whats going on there.
  5. Bern2
    Are you 100% sure it's at the cup? Usually it's the solder joint at the 3.5mm male end. Reverse the leads at the headset and see if the problem goes to the other side.

  6. miksu8
    You are right, it's the male connector. Lets see if it can be resoldered...
  7. Bern2
    You made it longer than most. I treated mine with kid gloves and it still failed. Lots of inexpensive options available though..so that's the good part. One of my favorite headphones.

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  8. kman1211
    Yeah, the original thick cables are prone to failure, had two fail on me(first was replaced under warranty). Hopefully the carbons cable while a bit janky and short doesn't have issues in terms of durability.
  9. phthora
    I auditioned the NightHawks a few nights ago, and I'll be damned if I didn't like them better than the ZMF Aeolus. Not "for the price" either, just better. I thought the Hawks sounded more fun and lively, but also better in a few important ways. In comparison, I thought the Aeolus had less depth to the soundstage, less realism, and more bothersome bleed into the mids (which both phones have). The Aeolus might be less colored, but I also found it a bit boring.

    That was a pleasant surprise, and the Hawks are definitely on my short list to buy now.
  10. mydetour
    Pretty much echo my thoughts about them, this is a pair of headphones that I had and now I want back in my collection.
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  11. volly
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  12. miksu8
    Cable was broken just below the 3cm connector/cable strengthening on HP end.

    The stock cable copper strands are really thin btw, almost like hair. 2 of them for signal and 2 for ground, so 4 strands per channel. I guess thicker cable wouldn't make sound any better?
  13. xRaptorxPunisher
    Personally it's no contest. All the parts of the FR that add dynamism, speed and liveliness are recessed on the NHs. The Nighthawk has it's merits like textured, good pitch differention in the bass but from the low mids ups things get rocky. The Aeolus is musical, more even than the NH from top to bottom but this is a hobby where we all have our preference.
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  14. Wes S
    I own both, and prefer the Aeolus. I feel the Aeolus improves in every area, with the biggest one, being tone and mids. What amp and dac are you using with them?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  15. Wes S
    Anyone interested in a mint OG wood Nighthawk, with low hours, and extras. I just listed mine for sale in the classifieds.
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