AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ghostchili, Jan 7, 2015.
  1. Madmollusk
    Chalk this up to hearing or gear variance, but I rarely notice sibilance with the Nighthawk.
  2. mbwilson111
    I have no problems with the NH in that regard.
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  3. bigshoe83
    I just purchased a set of Nighthawks and a Dragonfly DAC for $285 shipped. Seems like a good deal, do they work well together? Thanks
  4. Madmollusk
  5. betula
    Imo HD6x0s are much better than any of the HD5x0 series. My biggest problem with the HD6x0s is the bass roll off making some of my music almost not enjoyable. I wonder if the 660s are any better in that regard. NHs are my main headphones for a year now, and I also can't see myself departing from them anytime soon. Also no sibilance here. Lovely, organic, addictive sound and exceptional value for money. Imo.
  6. JohnBal
    I've not been using my Nighthawks at all for the last few months as I bought a turntable and my system set up didn't easily allow connecting my headphone system. So the other day for giggles I spun some digital and put on my AQ's. It all came back to me. Such balance. No sibilance. Just really nice listening experience. Spinning more digital again and listening through he Nighthawks more often. Good times.
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  7. earChasm
    Pics or it didn’t happen :grin:
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  8. JohnBal
    VPI Nomad. I've added a new Ortofon 2m Bronze and a who new dimension. Great sound.
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  9. JohnBal
    This player has it's own headphone amp. More of a convenience than anything. Does not compare to my Asgard 2.
  10. earChasm
    I still remember my first cheap plastic recordplayer with my first single: Percy Sledge with My special prayer...
    In fact, I wanted to hear that song again so now its playing on my digital rig. Thank you for this trip through memory lane :L3000:
  11. mbwilson111
    I had a look at your gear list. VERY impressive classic speakers you have there. Says a lot that you also appreciate the Nighthawks.
  12. JohnBal
    Very much appreciated guys. Thanks! I'd say I listen to speakers probably four to one, but I really enjoy the Nighthawks for the quiet times when the family needs some peace!
  13. miksu8
    Having listened some more, Nighthawks don't case sibilance but seem to emphasize it if coming from DAC/amp. So far these are best HPs I've tried, along with Koss. Better that Senn 600 or Oppos for my liking. Very realistic sound, but only a bit dry, lacking air and microdetail in highs.
  14. Dr Strangelove
    Hey there,
    just a short recap regarding my cable replacement:


    I have received the thinner headset cable (Replacement Cable for Sennheiser HD477 HD497 HD212 EH250 EH350) in the meantime and found it to be really stiff. Unfortunately its braided respectively coated the same way as my Degauss Labs Noir which can be a real pain in the ass (at least in my opinion). Personally I prefer softer cables which are easier to handle and transmitt much less mechanical vibration to your ears. Its also quite short in length.

    However, the VoIP module works pretty good for the price. The mic quality is ok on my G3 compared to other (pricier) headsets.

    Hope the original replacement I claimed from the eBay supplier arrives asap :p
    Otherwise I will try the cheaper one which appears to have a softer cable...
  15. waynes world
    Fwiw, I've been using one that @inthere suggested:

    I found it on here. I've really been happy with it.
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