Audioquest Dragonfly issues
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Nov 1, 2012
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I've had my Dragonfly for almost a year now, (running from my HP Pavilion 23 all in one PC running Widows 7) and I have had an intermittent problem. I haven't detected any pattern, but occasionally while listening...usually after an extended period, the DAC will "fuzz out". It sounds similar to listening to a cassette tape rewinding. Usually just unplugging, and re-plugging the USB DAC resets it, but once I had to restart the computer to resolve the issue. This has happened about 7 to 10 times total.
I contacted Audioquest through Facebook, and they thought that it may be an interaction between the DAC & Windows Media Player, suggesting I switch to JRiver, or Foobar. I've since downloaded Foobar, and instead of the squeaky cassette sound, the sound would cut out totally and Foobar was inoperable. The 2nd time that happened was when I had to re-boot the computer. The last time it happened, it went back to the squeaky sound again. I'll be sending Audioquest an e-mail, next. So, as much as I enjoy the sound quality, I'm at a loss as to what to do...any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Try a different USB port.  Also turn off any Power Management for the USB Hub Devices by going into Device Manager and opening Universal Serial Bus controllers.  Rock click the Generic USB Hubs and tab over to the far right.  Uncheck and power management.
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Just an update for you, the fixes we "talked" about didn't seem to work.
However, I bit the bullet & upgraded to Windows10, and the problem has disappeared. If anyone else has a similar problem, that could be the fix...It's working perfectly now.

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