Audioquest Dragonfly Black / Red / Cobalt DAC
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Dec 1, 2018

I'm considering buying an Audioquest Dragonfly to use at work, on my work laptop. A couple of questions...
  1. At home I use a Schit Magi + Modi combination and love it! Will the Audioquest leave me feeling disappointed? (Based on the reviews I suspect it's strong competition - especially in Red and Cobalt. Mainly wondering how the Black may stack up).
  2. My work blocks USB storage devices being connected to work devices for security. I'm fairly certain the trigger for the soft-block is "storage". I'm assuming the Dragonfly has not element of storage and will therefore pass the security. I'd be grateful if anyone has had any experience of similar circumstances.
Thanks in advance!
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And, of course, the more you look at these things the more options appear... I'd forgotten about the Fulla 2 from Schiit... At £115 a potentially good or better option - especially as I'm wanting to use it at a desk so the portability of the Dragonfly is not my highest priority.

Also forgot to mention... My work headphones are currently AKG K52s (best £39 I've ever spent... Excellent as work headphones (benchmarked against the Shure 1540's I use at home). Still love my Grado 325e's but they're altogether different!
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