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Audiophile Trance Tracks

Discussion in 'Music' started by ClintonL, May 3, 2017.
  1. ClintonL
    Hey guys wondering what you guys think are the best mastered trance tracks. I'm an avid audiophile and trance fan and i find that most trance tracks i find sound kind of lifeless/dull compared to other genres eg classical. I get mostly wav's from beatport. I'm not sure if it's from the use of electronic instruments, eg Yuri Kane right back is that a real piano playing? A well few example of really well mastered ones i think are The Blizzard - Kalopsia and Eco -If I Survive (I'll Worship The Moon). Anyway wondering what's your take and any song suggestions which could make full use of my audio setup.

  2. kevin luther
    I would have to say the Gladiator Soundtrack is phenomenal. The music is very dynamic, you can test the beautiful vocals of Lisa Gerrard, and you have a mixture of percussion (with some deep timpani), strings, and horns to put the speakers through the works. In particular, The Battle. 4:46 to the end is my favorite audition piece. It goes from quiet strings, to super intense dynamic horn blasts and timpani rolls back to quiet strings and Lisa Gerrard's voice. Great way to test the range of a speaker/headphone. Check for custom writing service
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  3. Johny179
    Not actually a trance, but it is very professional track
    Zedd - Dovregubben
  4. Music Alchemist
    When it comes to trance, I mostly listen to compilations. My favorite is the first one I ever heard, back in 2001: Trancewerks Anthems Non-Stop Mix. It's somewhat rare. Used copies can be found on Amazon for just a few dollars.

    Since trance is (for the most part) synthesized electronic music, I never had a problem with the way it sounds. There's no reference for how it's supposed to sound, after all; the artist (etc.) can make it sound however they want. It's not going to be like high fidelity acoustic recordings, but much of the time, the sounds are better-controlled, so to speak. Most trance sounds amazing on my speakers.

    I'm not very knowledgeable about the artists, since I just listen to tons of music and focus on the music itself. But two popular artists I like are ATB and Ferry Corsten.

    Another album that is notable for me is the Einhänder (PlayStation game) soundtrack. It's like a cross between techno, trance, and many other genres.
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  5. Bryce.E
    Einhänder! I second this. Although, it might be one of the most frustrating games i've ever played. Back to OP, i find alot of Infected Mushroom's stuff to be very well produced.
  6. Music Alchemist
    It's always nice to see fellow fans of that game. My brother and I used a near-invincibility GameShark code for it and still kept getting blown up! lol

    As for the soundtrack, I'll post some links, as it's a Japanese import. The original 1997 release is hard to find. I bought the 2007 reissue, which is nearly identical. Anyone who wants to buy it can use the "available at" links on the second link. (And it can be previewed in lower quality on YouTube.)


    Amazon is also an option, but there's always the possibility of buying a bootleg without realizing it. It happened to me a few times, though Amazon refunded me. Sadly, bootlegs are relatively common when it comes to Japanese soundtracks. Sometimes the sellers don't even notice they're dealing in unauthorized wares. That's why, whenever I buy Japanese music, I import it from Japan via reputable shops.
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  7. Music Alchemist

    Here's a cool electronic record label. Not strictly trance, and the quality varies, as they're compilations...but must-hear material IMO!

    All their releases except for the newest one are name your price, so you can download them for free.

    I've been hooked on the Journey To The Stars compilation lately.

    I bought the Summertime Dreams CD today since there were only 5 remaining. (It's limited to 100 copies.)

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