audiophile training discs
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Jan 1, 2002
Some guy gave me this link today:

I said I wasn't an audiophile and now it looks like there is a training course to become one. It's a little pricey for me, but it's not as expensive as some of you guys' power cables.
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Seems interesting, but a little expensive. They didn't say anything about audiophiles, rather about recording engineers. If one not assumes that Golden Ears = audiophile. I am not sure all audiophiles have golden ears, some may mostly have golden equipment.
If the course is good, it could help in giving more precise descriptions of audio experiences. Which is very valuable when communicating verbally about it.
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You act as if audiophile isn't just a word thrown out to get attention. If you're not an audiophile, then 99% of the time the use audiophile is used incorrectly. Personally, i am not an audiophile, i cannot tell off-hand what is exelent verses good compression, etc. However, i do love music, and love to listen to it though the best equiptment possible.

And that's just ridiciliously expensive, besides, it's redbook!
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I'd much rather spend my money on music thankyou, not someone telling me what I'm supposed to hear, I mean who really cares if anyone thinks I'm and audiophile or not, all I know is I love music and that's all that matters...... to me anyway.......
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Originally posted by Greg Freeman
I haven't the patience or restraint to be an audiophile. Do they recommend it for enthusiasts or audio-extremists?

"Golden Ears is an audio ear-training course for recording engineers, producers and musicians."
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My buddy burned these for me. They're certainly hard core. They train and test you on things like picking up boosted frequencies in otherwise white noise and crazy stuff like that. A bit too in depth for me.... well, I'll do it eventually...
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Golden ears don't exist, unless you are Superman or something.

Knowing what to hear for and having superhuman hearing is two very different things.
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I believe there is something similar available for free at the PCABX site... --more training files

Taken from the last link:

This page offers audio-technical listener training.
If musical-artistic listener training is what you are looking for,
please left click here to go to

Decide for yourself.

Me, I don't even want to touch those files. Why would I want to train up my ears so that I can hear what's wrong with my etys played straight out of a discman without amplification when I can't afford anything better?
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