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Discussion in 'Music' started by chinesekiwi, Apr 17, 2009.
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  1. Calexico

    Originally Posted by my.self /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    nas, immortal technique, eminem, prolyphic & reanimator (its one person...i think)

    Prolyphic is the rapper/lyricist, Reanimator is the beat-maker/producer. It's a collaboration.
  2. nyjets28
    i don't know if you consider it hip hop...but nujabes? and if you like him, check out nomak
  3. pow3rtr1p
    Flobots is another one, while not necessarily mastered perfectly, it uses real instruments.
  4. gbacic
    All Blue Sky Black Death albums and collaborations (The Holocaust, Razah's Ladder, Heap of Broken Images, Slow Burning Lights, etc).
    Pretty much anything off Stones Throw has great production and quality.
    Metaform's Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is an amazing sounding album with great musicianship. (Don't look into his new stuff, it's awful).
    J Dilla's Donuts sounds great.
    Wu-Tang solo albums have good production.
    Black Milk's Tronic.
    That's all I can think of off the bat.
  5. Kumanosuke
    try acid jazz 
    it is hip-hop + Jazz. To me, it sounded quite fun.
  6. Ahil
    All their tracks are mastered flawlessly and soundstage is excellent as well
  7. leeperry
    killer SS! production is perfect.
  8. ThePope3290
    I think 2001 by Dr. Dre is the best produced and best sounding hip-hop album I've heard. Also, Moment of Truth by Gang Starr, Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg, Mecca & The Soul Brother by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, The Blueprint by Jay-Z, Madvillainy by Madvillain....I could go on and on.
  9. moriez
  10. Qonmus
    First throw some of your preconceived notions about Nas out the window; now, go pick up Illmatic. The production is sick. I listen to a bit (a lot) of rap, and it is my favorite both in terms of production and the actual rapping itself.
    Also check out The Fugees - The Score. I've always thought it sounded really nice; I actually like to use Killing Me Softly to listen to new equipment. 
  11. Surreal.
    Just curious as to what (negative) preconceived notions people would have about Nas?
    The Score is a nice sounding album. Content is even better. Wyclef for President? haha
    Pete Rock, J Dilla (SV by association), 9th Wonder, Premo, etc. all take good care/precautions of their records so you should be happy there. The craft is well respected when it comes to anything they have a part in, consumerism out the window.
  12. Qonmus
    I think a lot of new rap fans say they listen to "hip-hop" and that they don't like the "gangster stuff", which they lump people like Nas into. 
  13. clem24
    Heh maybe US3? Not exactly hip-hop per se... Jazz hop?
  14. clem24
    Heh maybe US3? Not exactly hip-hop per se... Jazz hop?
  15. taamir
    I don't know if thats what you mean but "The Fugees" are great and have great sound.
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