Audiophile King DAP: LG ThinQ G8 vs. DAP Flagships; No Contest?
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May 26, 2020
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May 26, 2020
Im a relative newbie with about 6 months into the audiophile journey. I upgraded from the iPod 5.5 Video (Wolfson DAC fame) to the Fiio M9 which I got for a great deal brand new at $200.

I just stumbled into the world of Astel & Kern DAP's among others in articles, and amazed how much these things can cost.

One interesting note. I've read great arguments that the cell phone, the LG ThinQ G8 is actually more spec'ed out with heavy duty audiophile specific goodies. Im still not savvy enough to decipher the particulars, but I was hoping one of the more seasoned members of the forum could shed some light. Here are the audio related specs of the LG ThinQ G8 which sounds like it has any DAP on the market beat hands down.

Can you please compare how this LG G8 ThinQ compares against the Fiio M9, M15 and higher end Astel & Kern DAP's like the & Norma for example.

From Various Sources:

The new G8 ThinQ from LG delivers audiophile sound-quality delivered by ESS Technology’s ES9218P. The ES9218P is a System-on-Chip that offers impressive sound quality to mobile devices, designed to meet the demanding needs of mobile applications. The ES9218P is built around the legendary ESS SABRE® DAC. The technology provides amazing sound quality with a stable image and immersive sound-stage. The ultra-low noise QUAD DAC Technology reduces background hiss without consuming significant power from the battery.

It will also come with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC and 3.5mm headphone jack allowing it to output high-quality sound; a Boombox Speaker function that produces a more bass-heavy sound when the phone is placed on a hard flat surface; MQA lossless streaming support (that’ll reportedly be available even to those who don’t have unlimited data plans); and DTS:X 3D Surround Sound, which aims to create a 7.1-channel effect with or without headphones.

  • Crystal Sound OLED speaker.
  • Boombox speaker.
  • 32-bit Quad DAC.
  • DTS:X 3D Surround Sound.
  • Meridian Quality Audio (MQA) Decoder.
  • 2 analog microphones and RAM (Receiver As Mic)
  • HD Audio Recorder (app)
  • Hi-Fi video recorder — two high-AOP (acoustic overload point) mics for recording higher-quality sound.
Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 855 Octa-core
(up to 2.84 GHz x 1 + 2.42 GHz x 3 + 1.79 GHz x 4)

  • Crystal Sound OLED Speaker - entire screen is a speaker for immersive sound
  • Boombox Speaker - inner resonance chamber along with bottom speaker provides greater sound levels for boosted bass
  • DTS:X Virtual Surround - deep 3D stereo audio experience1
  • 32-Bit Hi-Fi Quad Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) - produces crisp, full sound through wired headphones
  • Wind Noise Filter - minimize wind noise during video recording
  • Sound Preset - custom options to achieve different sound experiences
  • Digital Filter - Short, Sharp, or Slow options of Sound Filter characteristics in DAC
  • Super Far-Field Voice Recognition (FFVR) - improved voice recognition picks up commands better in noisy environments from up to 16’ away2
  • RAM (Receiver as Mic) - 2 analog mics and the phone’s receiver improve sound clarity while recording in loud environments
  • HD Audio Recorder - choose between Normal, Concert, and Custom modes; record over a separate track
  • Hi-Fi Video Recorder - two high-AOP mics record higher-quality sound3
  • Hi-Fi Streaming - MQA decoder enables high-resolution audio to be packaged in a small size
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