Audiophile but new to headphones

  1. Hi. I am Mike 74 years old and use hearing aids, but still know good sound. I live in Costa Rica. Have been an analogue audiophile, but gave up when the compact disk came in.
    Three years ago bought new equipment when HD files became available. I own Oddeysy amp, preamp, and speakers with a Lumin DAC, and a Schiit headphone amp for Sennheiser HD558.
    I just bought a Cowon PM2 DAP, and have been compairing it to my Lumin/Schiit. Although I have been an enemy of any SQ ing of the signal I find that the Jet effects of the Cowon to boost up my HF loss helps a lot with no noticable degradation of sound. .
    I would be interested in sharing your views on the PM2 with the Sennheiser headphones

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