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Nov 17, 2003
I purchased a lineout dock from Ken. HERE While I will not go into the sound (because it is so subjective), I will say that this sounds better than my Cardas HPI, which was my favorite IC. I was a bit hesitant at first, because a few of the DIY'ers had expressed concern over the dock/cable durability. I brought this up to Ken and he assured me he has taken great pains to minimize the stress placed upon the pins themselves.

The good:
Compact dock IC unit. No more unsightly cable wrapped around the dock.
Quality workmanship. I was concerned about stress on the jacks, but in looking at his work, Ken has taken steps to reduce the stress on the dock. During normal usage, the dock doesn't move up and down as it did when the cable was connected. This would have to be because there is less weight tugging at the dock. Remember, without the mini jack and plug, the unit is lighter. Perfect length. You can order custom sizes. Top notch parts. I opted for one copper and one silver. I like the silver. Probably because it is white
Fits perfectly. I stack my iPod on top of my SM3 so it fits like it was made by Apple.

The bad:
Honestly, I don't have any complaints. When you consider the simplicity of the design, for $45 it fits the bill. I know I could spend alot more on a custom IC, but for my needs this is the best option.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with my purchase, and I believe Ken to be a top notch fellow. In addition, he has told me that if the unit were to break (under normal usage), he would repair it at no cost.

If you use a portable amp and stack them, then you may want to look into this as a compact alternative.

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Jan 3, 2006
Hey etys,

I just now found this thread; I guess I should spend more time here catching up on the haps in the forum. Thanks for the nod man.

So I just finished a new version of the silver dock and made some significant improvements to the design and an upgrade wire and isolator. You can see it on my web page. I am always tinkering around with different wire looking for the best stuff or a new combination of metals. By the way I just finished trialing some magnet wire and I was pretty amazed at how well it sounds considering it was so inexpensive. Anyhow the silver vendor I have has got some great wire and I have been using this in my new silver docks. I know you had bought a couple of cables in the past, hence the post. But if you ever want to up grade let me know and I will float you a nice discount. I don’t want past customers to feel bad every time I come out with a new improved model. This goes for all the folks who bought a silver or Cardas cable from me in the past.

Thanks Etys

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