Audiogon dispute process in action
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M Rael

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Aug 19, 2001
I havent know about audiogon for ages and ages. But sometimes, you know, I'll eat my morning cereal while checking out all the gear (hey its better than reading about a train de-railment in the midwest or about massive flooding in China.)
Anyway a few weeks ago I contacted and contracted a seller on audiogon to buy his Grado RS1's. They came in the wood case, which is what I was looking for. He promised me he had them waiting for me.. that he would return my emails later that day.. that he was out of town but was now back and ready to roll..

Well right about the time I noticed I only had three remaining fingernails left (after chewing off the rest in anger) I decided to take action and so at the risk of pissing the seller off I filed an official dispute with audiogon. They give the guy 3 days to reply, and if he doesnt then they promise undisclosed actions will be taken against him.
Well sure enough, the turd burglar didnt reply at all.
That was this past Thursday and today I got word from audiogon that the perp in question will have his account suspended starting now.

I didnt get the headphones I wanted, but I feel I may have taken a bogus seller out of circulation and that felt good. And it felt good to know that there are standards at a place like audiogon and that they really try hard there to make doing business easy. Go the their discussion forums sometime and read the Disputes section! They invite comments from audiogon members and some of the scenarios are real doozies. Some of the members are real Jr. Law professors and they offer an interesting twist into how problems should be resolved.
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Glad to hear you didn't get ripped off as well as audiogon's policy compared to ebay's lack of effort in many cases.

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