Audiofly AF33M Earphones - Review
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A serious contender for being the best sounding mobile phone in-ear headphone under £40.


Stunning sound quality for the price with well thought out mic features and admirable design.


The cable could be a little sturdier but it would be a bit unrealistic to expect one at this price point.


In-Depth Review


Audiofly are based in Australia. Founded by musicians, they design and build headphones striving to bring a detailed sound to their audience. Having released their first set in 2011, Audiofly are constantly pushing the boundaries to create something unique by merging modern, cutting edge technology with the longevity of vintage gear. Their aim is to replicate music in an honest way; to achieve that, they use custom voiced drivers in all of their models, so you never miss a beat!


Audiofly always make sure that their headphones not only sound good, but look great as well. The AF33s are no exception - they appear stylish without being too flashy and as such, they can appeal to the younger and more mature audience alike. The AF33Ms are available in six different colours (Corset White, HiRise Purple, IshGreen, Lounge Yellow, Selvage Blue, Slycat Black) satisfying even the choosiest headphone lovers out there. Even though they do not come in the box, the 400 series of Comply Foam tips do fit the earphones so if you're looking for the best combination of comfort and isolation, we recommend trying them out.

Included peripherals

Inside the box there is a nice microfibre storage pouch to keep the 'phones safe and some additional Silicone eartips (4 sizes in total) for improved isolation.


The Audiofly AF33M is the perfect companion for your smartphone. Driving these headphones is very easy so the standard headphone-out of most smartphones should be able to handle them with ease and drive them to sufficient volume levels. This model comes with an in-line mic, but unlike most headphone models, where the control and the mic are connected, they are kept separate for more practical use. This is called ClearTalk™ - the control button is located on the yoke (where the main cable separates into the individual earpieces), and the actual mic is located closer to the mouth on the left hand side.

Describe the sound

As with most budget earphones, the first thing that strikes the listener is the bass. However, it is usually because the amount is so big that it overshadows the whole scope - not with this model, though! The thing that struck us about the bass is that it is nothing like your average budget dynamic driver bass. It is tighter and more balanced; it still hits hard but no sign of the common, overpowering, muddy bottom end that most budget sets can offer. The midrange is clear and clean, albeit a bit recessed and as such it is definitely not the centre of the presentation. Vocals are still great, though you should not expect the forwardness of in-ear monitors. The treble is surprisingly lively especially for a budget set. Nice and sparkly but not fatiguing at all. Overall, it is hard to find a fault with the set considering the price point, deserves its place amongst the best in-ear headphones on the market.


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Product Information

Product type - In-Ear Isolating Headphones w/Mic
Price at the time of review - £39.95
Product Link - Buy Audiofly AF33M

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