audiofidelity 24k+ remasters by steve hoffman
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Are you serious? How hard up are you that 50 dollars in this hobby, to guarantee your discs are serialized with the same number, not to mention giving you free access to draws on test pressings, and 15% off everything you buy from their store. I could understand if you don't buy much music , but to the average collector it's a no brainier.

I'd also add that I've received all of my discs anywhere from 2-3 weeks, from store / distribution dates. The mailer they send us, and the personal updates Marshall are neat.
Since he's unable to amintain a forum or personal page it's a nie way to keep i touch.

One other thing, If you have something constructive to add, sure jump in - but that post is just thread crapping.

I paid $34.76 for my two Doors CDs. That's TOTAL. I got them on Friday, while subscribers had them on Wednesday (similar timeline for my In Rock preorder). So as a subscriber, you would pay about $15 more, and get basically nothing for it. The number, at the end of the day, doesn't matter to me at all, and shouldn't be worth anything significant to anybody but the most absurdly anal collector. Contests for test pressings are kinda neat I guess, but honestly, they're not worth even an extra $1 per disc. It's essentially a bare disc of a boutique mastering you're already buying, not some rare item from when the record was first made. I can see some of the collector value in those, but come on. The 15% off obviously doesn't matter since you can get all the discs cheaper elsewhere.

I've bought 6 of the Audio Fidelity CDs released this year, and I have Killer preordered. I'll probably pick up the Bluesbreakers and Lynyrd Skynyrd discs. I also bought 4 MFSL discs. I have bought 199 CDs this year. Do not lecture me on music collecting. I chose the option that allowed me to buy more music. Shoot, the $15 I saved on the 2 Doors discs is almost enough for another Audio Fidelity CD. So, at the end of the day, given the same amount of money, I will have more music than someone who subscribed. Mazel tov.
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I've been a platinum member since early July. Marshall and Cy are great people to deal with. I know I'm spending more in the long run, but I like the service and support. I understand your point though, evanft. Glad to see you that you value their work enough to buy the CDs. That's all that really matters. Steve's "minimalist" remastering preferences sucked me in along time ago. Been collecting his work for awhile now.
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This is hard as nails - I was able to pick The Who - Who's Next as #1, but that's easy due to it being the most loved album in my family, with the exception of maybe John Wesly Harding or Blonde on Blonde - speaking of, Steve should rock the Dylan catalog. The SACDs are incredible, but they haven't been in production in years. Enldless summer is defiantly going to be on that list somewhere. I think I'll go the LFF took on breaking the silver and gold, SACDs into separates.

I'm still waiting (patiently), but in the meantime:

Who's Next OMG. Wow.
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Mazel tov.

Remind me not to take you out to dinner, I wouldn't want to deal with the bill and more then likely end up just paying for the whole thing.

It seems to me that you're missing the entire point of my concept of supporting the as you say "boutique" mastering studio - if you buy direct you're providing more support than buying a heavily discounted product as procured through an online retailer. Given a choice between funding AF directly or funding music middle men, i'll take the former, thank you. Who are you buying from anyway? I suppose at the end of the day as Budley007 points out, you still are supporting the cause, in your own way - and that is what counts.

By the way, is the quote up top some snide dig at my tribe?
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almost done west - I was rebuilding a ZFS array, but hell this is more important + fun
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Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down, DCC, DZS-173
All of the Ray Charles, Nat King Cole on DCC
Jethro Tull Aqualung, Original Masters, Grestist Hits, DCC.
Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus
Frank Sinatra Duets, Duets II

Legends, Garland, GRZ-015
OMNI series, DCC, DZS-070-076, 1995
Only in the 80's Series, DCC, EAZ-4001-4003, 1995
Rock of the 70's Series, DCC, DZS-063-066, 1992
Rock the First Series, DCC, SAN-5007-5014, DZS-139-140
Surf Legends, Garlard(GRZ-019)/Del Rack(DRZ-915)
Totally '80s. Tazor&Tie, 0PCD 4544


Zombies, The - Greatest Hits, Audio Fidelity, AFZ-001
Creedence Clearwater Revival - catalog - Analogue Productions, 2002

That's what I have so far, in no solid order. Given he just makes the album sound right, without screwing things up, it's hard to really say I like this more than this - he does the same thing pretty much every time so anything I would rate higher than another is in terms outside of his control (I like Dylan more than I like the Pretenders, - but enjoy both, etc)

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