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Audioengine D1

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dh12345678, Jan 12, 2012.
  1. dh12345678
    I have a question about my Audioengine D1. I currently plug it in via USB to my computer and select the output as the Audioengine D1. If I use an optical audio cable, will the sound be superior over USB? Thanks
  2. hodgjy
    Probably nothing that the human ear can tell apart.  Optical and USB do have different jitter rates, but it has been shown again and again that we really can't hear even quite large differences in jitter.  I say pick the port most convenient to you and go with that.  Enjoy your amp and don't second guess anything.
  3. DjAmTraX
    I just ordered one.  I planned on using it with my MacBook Air for road use.  Hope it's good.
  4. seslwr
    For those with Macs, remember to set the device to 24-bit/96KHz.  Here's how (from Audioengine's site):
    How do I make sure that the D1 DAC is set to 24-bit/96KHz audio?
    If using a Mac, open the Audio MIDI Setup utility in Applications->Utilities, choose "Audioengine D1" under audio devices and check that the format is set to 96 and the bit depth is set to 24bit.


  5. DjAmTraX
    The site says optical is up to 192. Isn't optical limited to 96k?
  6. Willakan
    I'm pretty sure it is, at least with all optical receivers currently in production.
  7. DjAmTraX
    AG tech support said its tested at 192 via optical so I don't know how they did it. 
  8. KT66
    last night my D1 just stopped working, light was still on, but neither my W7  64bit Vaio or Vista 32bit Dell, would recognize it, rebooted, cleaned up PC,
    checked all usb ports, and no fix,.
    I had planned to return it to Audio Affair (always helpful) for a replacement, it was all boxed and ready to go.
    I decided to use my FiioE7 as stand in DAC, but I couldn't find my good QED 2 phono to 3.5m cable to use with the E7s little line out doc thing,
    emptied 3 bags of cables, before I came across a very good 3m  2xRCA to 2xRCA cable I thought was lost, I have been looking for this ever since I got my D1.
    Rang a friend who confirmed the lost QED cable was at his house, so now I couldn't use the E7. Bugger!
    Had given up, and just waiting to return the D1, when I found an old long USB cable (probably used for a printer 5 years ago),
    and the D1 came to life!!!
    So the morals of the story
    a) NEVER EVER throw away a cable, ever
    b) A D1 works fine with a 5m usb cheap cable.
    c) the supplied USB cable by AE is not to be relied on
    In fact I am using
    Dell XPS - 5m usb-
    into D1 - then 3m RCA cables to line input of my Prima Luna;
    8m of cable, no loss in sound at all!

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