AudioEngine AS8 Sub: Any Impressions?
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Feb 17, 2006
Just curious whether anyone here has purchased/tried this sub. Cursory Google searches haven't turned up much in the way of reviews.... I recently ordered a pair of A5's from AudioEngine & am already planning to purchase a sub, so I'm curious what (if any) consensus there is regarding the AS8.
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I'm considering getting a sub for my A5s as well. So, I'm curious to hear an impression on this also.
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A friend of mine got one on my recommendation. He had A5s already so i thought, matching sub, duh?

It, coupled with a Auralex SubDude turned out to be a really fantastic match with his A5s. Speedy and detailed with great sq. It reminds me a lot of a Totem subwoofer.
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Thanks spacemanspliff, for your input. I'm pretty sure it's a very nice sounding sub and that's to be expected from Audioengine however the price seems a little bit high still. It's too bad there's no place around where I can audition it before making the plunge.
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I spent some time listening to one with A5's, it was a nice match and pleasant sound. The strengths of the W1 are the compact size and easy matching with the A2 or A5's. In this price range, there are several other choices that will go deeper and play louder with just as much musicality (Such as the HSUs), but none that are this small.
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Yeah size is key huh? The only other small sub I can think of that is cheap and good is the Energy subs on audioadvisor.

The Energy 8" is only $88 and the 10" $185. These were much pricier before. Those or The Speaker Company subs are the best budget subs going. For $88 to $185 shipped(I think shipping is free?) You will be very happy with those unless you intend to go HT deep which they obviously are shy of. Getting 4 Energy subs for the price of 1 AS8 sounds pretty nifty to me though lol. hmmm really nifty actually. 4 corners would really sound nice when done properly.

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