Audioengine A5+ Speaker Upgrades

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  1. Scallywag
    After a couple of weeks burning in the new components and listening to the upgraded A5+'s I figured it's time to offer some impressions and post a brief recap. So, here goes...
    Each of the little mods detailed in Tim's directions was implemented on my A5+'s (minus the pure aesthetic changes he made.) Having owned them for some time before beginning this project I was very familiar with the stock sound from the speakers. While I always though they sounded nice to begin with, the various mods have culminated in a rather shocking change to the sonic character of my modest little system. They sound quite different... in a very good way. A few bullets:
    1. Tim wasn't exaggerating about the improved bass response. The speakers are certainly moving more air now and it is impressive to experience. The dampening has successfully tempered the previously bloated mid-bass while the newly-extended low end is now more pronounced, resulting in a more even-sounding bass response. Kick drum thumps are startlingly weighty- a modest source EQ tweak was required. The extension has allowed me to set the crossover on my sub lower, further evening out bass response across my system. 
    2. The A5+'s are now far more resolved and detailed- imaging is tremendous for speakers of this size. The soundstage extended modestly in all relevant directions, as Tim mentioned, offering a more enveloping character in its presentation. Voices project from somewhere in between the speakers now as opposed to simply coming from both the left and right simultaniously. I find my dog looking all over the place for sounds now when I'm listening to music with him at my side... before he would be looking at one of the two speakers only (he has good ears, right??:wink:
    3. The mids are a tad stronger now. Certainly clearer. I also experienced a slight extension in the highs along with the increased clarity/resolution. The highs also smoothed out nicely. A once-occasionally present edginess in the upper registers has disappeared. 
    4. As Tim mentioned, the noise floor is now noticeably lower resulting in a better sense of dynamic.
    These mods have improved the sound quality of my system rather dramatically- more than I was expecting, honestly. The project was certainly an adventure for me (as my previous posts will attest to.) I admittedly was a tad green when I started. At one point I screwed up and thought I'd ruined my speakers. With Tim's help I realized that nearly anything can be fixed when it comes to circuitry. In the process of fixing my mistakes I learned to bypass damaged traces, run jumper wires, troubleshoot with a multimeter, decipher signal paths, etc.- all useful skills that will serve me well as I undoubtedly take on more projects in the future.
    To conclude, I recommend these mods to anyone who may be considering them. It's a time consuming project but you won't be disappointed in the outcome. My A5+'s are very different and much more impressive sounding speakers then they once were. I am very happy with the results. Audioengine could charge a healthy amount of money for these! 
    P.S. Hats off to the OP, who's direction and patience guided me through this project. Tim, if you're out there reading this, thanks a million.
    P.P.S. A few weeks after completing the A5+ mods I purchased and installed the "uber" analog board upgrade for my Schiit Bifrost DAC. I won't go into detail here but I will say that it is a fantastic change. It took an already nice sounding DAC and vaulted it up to a new level of detail and resolve (along with eliminating the last remnants of boomy low end I would occasionally hear.) I was happy to know that my modded speakers would be able to faithfully convey the improved sonics provided by the upgraded analog stage in the DAC, which they did in spades. Should anyone be wondering, they pair very well.
  2. Daisho
    Anyone know if there would be any benefit in replacing the two 4700uf capacitors with higher capacitance models?  The 35v 10000uf Nichicon KG caps are 30mm in diameter and have 10mm lead spacing, so they should fit at least physically.
  3. Eclipse-
    how do you position your speakers?
  4. wiz2596
    I want this mod to mine but I don't know anything about electronics and circuits, what can I do? after watching this mod I feel very jealous [​IMG]
  5. canali
    just picked up a used pair in great shape for us190...I like
     that they have no
    dac...i can experiment with my own
  6. maiieu
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  7. mzanlorenzi
    I'm considering modding my A5+ because I find them to "boomy". If I'm not wrong, to solve the boomy issue, just dampening the enclosure will suffice?
    I don't have great skills when it comes to soldering and specially desoldering components, so I want to do first the dampening stage and if that doesn't improve bass quality I'll move foward to the other mods.
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