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Mike C

Feb 15, 2015
Essex, UK
I dislike nothing about the Empyrean. I might even buy one if I had enough money (price in France is 2999 €, about UDS 3530).

It is just that I had "un coup de coeur" a crush on the PMx2.

I keep some headphones because they mattered in my life : I'd like to find an AKG240 from the beginning of the 80's, best part of my life, I keep a ruined HD-560 Ovation because it's the first headphone I heard when I came out of coma, a PM3 that was my buddy during an over 2 years functionnal rehabilitation.

But you're right, I should have mentionned that my answer was kind of a tribute to Alex.

I made an error and can't edit my post. My most sincere apologises and PMx2 :heart_eyes_cat: Empyrean :L3000::L3000::L3000:
Sorry to hear about your coma and I hope your rehabilitation has gone well.
I understand your opinions and appreciate your very gracious reply.
Best regards!

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