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Audio Zenith PMx2 Impressions page

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by visceriouszero, May 16, 2015.
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  1. VisceriousZERO
    Nobody's started this yet, so I will.
    The Audio Zenith PMx2 is a modification to the popular Oppo PM2 Planar Magnetic Headphone, made by Alex of Audio Zenith. Thanks to thousands of measurements and careful adjustments, Audio Zenith have created an incredibly flat and I mean FLAT and utterly resolving headphone.
    In this thread, we will talk about people's impressions and reactions to the PMx2.
    Let's get this party started!
  2. XERO1
    I have heard these amazing headphones twice so far, and they are the real deal.
    If you want to hear what a laser-flat FR sounds like on a reference quality headphone, this is pretty much as good as it gets.
    I was able to directly compare them with the PM-1 at OPPO's booth at the SoCal CanJam, and it sounded like a completely different headphone, and better in every way.  What impressed me the most was how smooth the treble sounded in comparison to the PM-1, even though the PMx2 has a more linear and extended treble response.  It appears that Alex has somehow been able to reduce the audible distortion levels of the stock PM-2 while also improving its frequency extension in both the treble and the bass!  That's a pretty slick trick to pull off!
    Anyone considering purchasing a reference quality, end-game-level headphone should put the PMx2 on their 'must audition' shortlist.
    Alex goes by FFRESPONSE on Head-Fi.
  3. VisceriousZERO
    Its an absolutely beautiful beast. Honestly when I think flat I think boring (UERM, Just Ear XJE-MH2 Monitor come to mind) but this is actually amazing... Props to Alex :)
  4. XERO1
    Same here.  Actually, when I auditioned the PM-3, I thought they sounded really 'boring'.  It sounded like they had a really flat FR but also sounded really 'dull', like the leading edges of all the transients were being rounded off.  And I'm not alone in this opinion either.  Tyll just reviewed them and thought pretty much the exact same thing. 
    And I feel the same way about the Audioquest NightHawk, very linear sounding but also very dull and boring sounding.
    But Alex's PM-x2's, while very smooth sounding up top, never sounded dull or boring to me.  They sounded perfectly balanced but also exciting and just a pleasure to listen to.
  5. VisceriousZERO
    When I was in San Diego I actually got to talk to Alex about the process and it was quite a talk. I'm pretty excited about where he can take this (he mentioned circular drivers need circular pads) so I'm quite the believer he can do it. I do hope he gets more exposure as well, and more get to hear it... Maybe RMAF?
  6. XERO1
    I know he has been hitting a few of the larger meets.  I think the last one he was at was in New York.
    I spoke with him quite a bit at the SoCal CanJam (he's the one who let me use one of the pairs he had there to do an A-B demo at the OPPO booth), and he said he's not really in any big rush to get them out there.  He said he initially wants to let them become known by word of mouth (kind of like we're doing right now!).
    But he's definitely onto something special with them, and it looks like a few open-eared people are starting to notice.
    Honestly, I don't even know if they are actually available for sale yet.  I think he mentioned to me that they were going to be in the $1100-$1300 price range, but don't quote me on that.
    I would guess that anyone who is seriously interested should probably just send him a PM and I'm sure he'll get back to you ASAP with some info on them.
  7. VisceriousZERO
    I bought two pairs from him at $1300 per unit, CA tax made it up to be $1500.
  8. XERO1
    Wow! Nice!  Congrats.
    The PMx2 is in my current Top 3 under-$1500 headphones that I have heard so far.
    1)  Audio Zenith PMx2
    2)  MrSpeakers Ether
    3)  Sennheiser HD 800
    Each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and I could happily live with any one of them.
    But there is something really special about having a headphone that has a dead flat FR from the ultra-low bass to the ultra-high treble.
    Whenever I've listened to the PMx2, I feel like I'm truly hearing exactly what's on the recording, nothing more and nothing less, which for me really is the very definition of 'reference quality'. [​IMG] 
  9. VisceriousZERO
    I agree! I've had some friends listen to the PMx2 and Ether side-to-side and though we all agree that the Ether sounds amazing and feels amazing (especially soundstage-wise), the PMx2 has been taking our ears by storm. One of my treblehead friends actually said "I think I like this better than my treble" out loud to us while listening to some Dream Theater... so great job to Alex as well! I've already introduced his brand to several of my dealers here in the Philippines and they've been picked up already by a local audiophile store, Egghead.
  10. XERO1
    I bet Alex would never have guessed that his first dealer would be in the Philippines!
    Also, one of my favorite things about the PMx2 is its treble.  I usually like to listen at higher-than-average listening levels, and with the PMx2, no matter how high I turn up the volume, it never sounds harsh or fatiguing.
    Whereas with most other high-end headphones, its the treble range that is the first thing that starts to sound harsh at high volumes.
  11. Maxx134
    Alot of people had a chance to listen to these babies at the NYmeet and I was one of them..

    The neutal aspect that is mentioned here I was not aware of,
    until I plugged them into another amp besides the Ragnarok.

    It seems this headphone is transparent enought to easily decipher an amp signature,
    because thru the Rag, it was bass heavy and impactfull, yet not in a bad way.

    In fact I would say that the bass impact was rather shocking(!)
    and the only other planar headphone that had that type of weight at the meet was the HE1000(!)

    So I was starting to wonder if it was a bass heavy headphone,
    but as soon as I plugged it into my tube amp I also had there, it was Immedietly clear that these headphones were way transparent and really special..
    They were very musical, clear and transparent without any bass bloat.

    I said to Alex, if the PM1 that I owned would have sounded like this, I would never have returned them.

    So yes they are very good. I would say in same league as the Ether yet the Ether are a more open type can, but really at that point comes to a preference.

    The only thing I can say is that the Ether did not show me the bass impact or weight at the level that was rather surprising in these PMx2...
    I only whish I could have compared them at same table but regardless if I had a choice it would be these, yet that is purely a personal choice.
  12. darinf
    FYI, Tyll just posted an article and video about Audio Zenith:
  13. steelcitysi
    Is the sensitivity / efficiency of the PMx2 different from the PM-2?
  14. darinf
    I am not 100% sure, but I don't believe so. I think the efficiency specs are the same as the stock PM-2's.
    That's what's great about having TOTL sound yet still be efficient and easy to drive, unlike many other planars.
  15. RiddleyWalker
    Must say that I'd love to give these a listen; sounds right up my alley.  Would be great if a loaner tour could be arranged (similar to the Oppo tours).
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