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Audio Technica Woodies

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donunus, Mar 5, 2009.
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  1. dreamwhisper
    aww sh1t.. my w11jpns have beat the ad2000's in an electronica song... this is a first
    Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

    I can't wait until the Bel Canto and Soha II get here... right now i'm just running a G-lite and EMU with them.
    and already I like that their mids aren't as coloured as the W5000's, they fit better, more natural sounding etc
    though the W5000's made Emiliana Torrini sound the best I've ever heard her
  2. donunus
    you got some pics of those w11jpns?
  3. kool bubba ice
    Damn, the great imaging has me looking at the 5000 again. Actually, Don, a member said that the 5000 is similar to the SA5000 in many ways, but is a much improved version, remeding some of the SA5000 flaws.
  4. donunus
    youre speaking of the w5000s?
  5. xenithon

    Damn, the great imaging has me looking at the 5000 again. Actually, Don, a member said that the 5000 is similar to the SA5000 in many ways, but is a much improved version, remeding some of the SA5000 flaws.

    Heard both, owned both. I much prefer the Sony. If anything I found the opposite to be true - the SA5K reminded me of the things I likes about the W5000 but improved on its flaws. Namely these included fit, bass depth, midrange body, and sibilance-induced fatigue.
  6. donunus
    I'm now thinking I might be getting either the w100s, w11jpn, or esw10jpn in the future [​IMG]
  7. Mister Crash
  8. big-ban
    donunus, seriously, the W11JPN is probably the most colored AT woody I've heard so far, I don't think you'll like them.
    Check my gallery if you want graphs, I've got most of them measured:

    Frequency Response Measurements

    As a quick and concise writeup, this is my take on the AT woodies I've heard so far:

    W100: K701-like signature, very little bass (even less than W1000 stock), not-so-impressive soundstage, overall rather boring, left me asking myself: "what's this headphone about?"

    The following AT I've only heard extensively with the pad mod applied:
    W10VTG: Bassy, intimate, a little cold in the mids, very spikey upper mids much like Grados, a little unnatural and fake sounding, technically slightly below DT880/HD650/K701
    W11JPN: Basically a better W10VTG though much more bassy, warmer mids, intimate, a little less spikey than the W10VTG in the upper mids, average-sized soundstage
    W1000: One of the most neutral AT, basically a much better W100. It has no real flaws except for the rather weak stock bass, the pad mod helps this nicely. Focus is still on kick- and midbass rather than deep bass though. A really fine headphone with a wide but shallow soundstage. And seriously: it is certainly more natural and neutral sounding than its bigger brother W5000/F5005. It isn't safe to say that the W5000 is always better. I, for instance, sold the F5005 and kept the W1000.
    F5005: Widest soundstage out of all the AT I've heard, also pretty good depth (but... soundstage is still a joke compared to that of the Omega II), pretty strong bass and midbass, seriously colored mids (and I don't say this about many AT). Left me cold in the long term.
    AD2000: Direct, intimate, involving, energetic and toe-tapping, well proportioned soundstage in terms of width in relation to height, very punchy bass, not as piercing as most Grados due to a slight dip at 2-3 Khz - and... opposing your take on them, I don't find the highs recessed. Take a look at my graph.
    W2002: Very good quality bass, wider and deeper soundstage than AD2000 though not quite as large as F5005, forward and warm mids, not detail-oriented but still pretty good resolution and coherency. Certainly much more natural sounding than the F5005.
    L3000: Strong kickbass, not so much deep bass, a bit colored in the mids, has a tendency to sound dark and murky even compared to the newer versions of the HD650, very deep but narrow soundstage. Pretty good imaging.
  9. strangelove
    Your AD2000s are what started me down the AT path. I really liked them, but after all the AT woodies I collected they just seemed redundant so I sold them off.


    Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    oooohhh youre such the AT maniac! By the way, did you ever like those ad2000s you bought from me? Rednamalas1 told me that he got them from you and he still had to stretch the headband to make them sound right. I guess we never got to appreciate those cans like Red [​IMG]

  10. badgerbimmer
    I love my "mini woodies" the little clips on amazing sound.
  11. Mshenay
    well then I am SOLD
    I want a NICE transparent closed back can with a HINT of thick mid warmth, and some nice airy treble. The bass needs to exist but not overly emphaized.
    I like my dt 880 pro 250s which are open, and with my Thick Mullard tubes they sound very nice! BUT I'd like a closed back can as well with this bright TIGHT bass sound sig [ofc I will then add the extra warmth via TUBES] so :D I think theese woodies might be just what I was looking for! 
  12. aymstudio
    Dear All,
    I'm selling a set of 3 Audio Technica Headphones as below:
    ATH-W1000 'Sovereign' original
    All in good to perfect condition with full packaging. Sell at US$1250
    Not includes shipment from Hong Kong, around $150 with Fedex.
    Interested parties, pls email me leapleak@mac.com
    Thanks and Happy 2014!
    Anthony Yeung
  13. maksx83
    Hmm.. anyone wants to buy my ath-w10ltd's in very good condition? Pm me if you interest..
  14. Touame
    Bump.Sorry for reviving this thread.
    I'm looking for an old woody .I've listened to the AD and A line but never have a chance to list to those old woodies, so can anyone help me choose one(for now) please? The big-ban's post is really helpful but I think he is somewhat bassy [​IMG].
    So here is what I don't like about a few cans that I've heard so far:
    -A2000X( currently using): treble is kinda fatiguing, thin mids.
    -AD2000: soundstage and imaging (especially instrument seperation) is meh,
    -W1000x(correct me if i'm wrong ,I've only listened to it at a meet): kinda dark, emphasize to much on the lows which turn treble off for me,

    P/s:Don't jugde my english.I'm an esl mkay.[​IMG]
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