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Audio Technica Woodies

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donunus, Mar 5, 2009.
  1. boomy3555 Contributor
    Yes, but then the Devil created Head-Fi and She was very amuzed.
  2. j2kei
    ^ hahaha. yes i can believe head-fi was made by the devil. i'm always on it >_<
  3. strangelove

    Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    aaahhh nice writeup. I wonder where you'd rank the w1000s among those

    I can't comment on the w1000s because I've never heard them. But I have to say that in my opinion the W5000s when F5005 modded is probably the best headphone under $1K that I've heard; I think it' vastly under recognized. I've compared it directly or indirectly to GS1000s, JVC DX1000s, Denon D5000s and it blows them all away. I think unfortunately a lot of people buy the W5000s and don't like them stock and end up getting rid of them (just look at the for sale forum). But the F5005 mod vastly changes the sound. Think more in line with a pair of HD650s but not as dark, not veiled, more detail, brighter, slightly less open sound, better bass. The only thing I've heard that I liked better than them is the ATH-L3000s (which incidentely I just purchased and are on their way to me).
  4. donunus
    That is awesome, now the problem is the price. It has to be shipped to fitz then add labor charges then shipped to me???
  5. Wham City
    The Fitz mod (if I remember correctly) only involves adding a well placed and well molded disc (dome) of blue tack to the inner frame around the drivers. It looked easy enough to complete, the thread is around here somewhere.
  6. CTechKid
    I don't know why they can't add a model to the W series that is basically a full sized ESW10JPN. Please? :/
  7. nhat_thanh
    FWIR the ESW10 are close to the sound signature of W11JPN or/and W2002JPN.
    Oh I'm quite curious how are your AD1000PRM sounds? [​IMG]
  8. Mister Crash
    I think the problems that most people have with the W5000 are entirely due to the fit. For whatever reason, they were designed for people with enormous heads. When I first got them, I didn't think they were all that special, but after bending the metal loops to get a better seal, the performance improved significantly. They are my headphones of choice for most situations. I also have the W11jpn and ESW10jpn, and I used to have the W1000 as well. With a proper fit and good amplification I would rank them as follows:

    W5000 > ESW10jpn > W11jpn > W1000

    There's something about the ESW10jpn that I find really enjoyable, and I can't quite put my finger on it. They sound more natural to me than the W11jpn.
  9. Bojamijams
    I too am keeping an eye out for a full size ESW10JPN as I love its sound signature. My heavily modded D2000 are not far off but I would love to hear an official AT that has that signature. I heard W11JPN did but.. maybe not?
  10. Wenglish
    I recently picked up a pair of W1000s and they're certainly the most detailed cans that I own. I can only imagine how much better the 5ks are. But they're a bit thin and light on the bass. Most negative comments on them will say that. And that's what my listening told me--they shined on a few songs, here and there, but overall they didn't impress me.

    And then I found the Fitz mod thread and made a F1001. It's really easy, only took me about 40 minutes. And like Strangelove said about the F5005, the mod totally changes the signature of the cans. They're now, more or less, fantastic. The comments that describe the F5005 seem to fit the F1001.

    I went from thinking of selling the W1000s to getting upgraditis for the W5k, so I could make a F5005. Although, in the mod thread I think one user mentioned there not being that big of a difference between the F1001 and the F5005. I can't comment on that directly, yet, but if it is true then the F1001 is a an even better value than I think it is.
  11. donunus
    ive got a feeling the esw10jpns are my next cans
  12. Nick 214
  13. moonboy403
    I just realized that me, j2kei, and strangelove live in the same area!
  14. strangelove

    Originally Posted by moonboy403 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I just realized that me, j2kei, and strangelove live in the same area!

    SoCal represent ya'll.

    I agree with the prior comments made about the W5000 fit issue. I had to bend the heck out of the bands on mine to get a decent fit. Even now they feel loose fitting compared to all my other AT cans. Don't know why AT decided to go that way with them.

    On another note, my ATH-L3000s arrived today.[​IMG]
  15. donunus
    oooohhh youre such the AT maniac! By the way, did you ever like those ad2000s you bought from me? Rednamalas1 told me that he got them from you and he still had to stretch the headband to make them sound right. I guess we never got to appreciate those cans like Red [​IMG]

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