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Audio Technica W5000 at Great Price, slightly modded

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Wilashort, Jul 11, 2018.
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  1. Wilashort Contributor
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    Hi everybody
    I Put for sale my Audio Technica ATH-W5000 high-end headphones in very good cosmetic condition, with little use and in perfect operation, for audio connoisseurs and audiophiles. They are slightly modified to reduce an elevation in the high mids, but that does not take away the excitement at all, only the "shoutyness" they have in stock form)

    Its sound in my setup (which is neutral)

    A fun sound with a controlled bass (which is very present without being too loud (not missing at all)) with good punch, and strong in the high frequencies of the bass (but not excessive), with very realistic and present mids (especially female voices), and soft treble. They have a soundstage quite broad and three-dimensional to be closed. They have excellent separation and speed of notes and instruments, very good image (positioning of the sounds in the soundstage). They are very dynamic too and they have very good detail, they do not fall short with any music they play.

    They are a very good "bang for the buck" to be high-end headphones
    They look much nicer in reality than in the pictures I took.

    Note: A quality headphone amplifier and DAC is recommended to get the most out of them, although they sound very good and with a large volume (they are very efficient) with a Smartphone or with a quality sound card.

    Note2: they need a 6.5mm to 3.5mm jack adapter, to be used in a Smartphone or with a similar connection

    Reason for sale: I need funds, and I have many headphones. I am also a vegan (when they were exchanged a couple of years ago, I was not very conscious).

    The price that I ask, doesn't include the payment fee.
    Note: the shipping cost is included to Worldwide (i live outside of USA).

    The Payment form is thru Paypal (No gift).

    Low ball offers will be ignored...

    Please ONLY post VALID questions about this article, if you are interested in it, and has some questions (I prefer that you send me a PM message). That is, PLEASE KEEP MY THREAD FREE OF SPAM and HARMFUL COMMENTS....

    If you don't agree about the payment form, or anything of above. Please don't post anything, Thank you.

    Buy with confidence (see my feedback below).

    And thanks for looking.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  2. Wilashort Contributor
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  10. blackdragon87
    Very interested sent pm
  11. Wilashort Contributor
    PM answered
  12. Wilashort Contributor
    Only interested in sell the headphones. No trades for now
  13. Wilashort Contributor
    I Can give this headphones with the JVC HP-DX1000 earpads for $75 more. Which improve the comfort and make the bass meatier and warm in the lower frecuencies, without lost the engagement in the sound what this headphones have
  14. Wilashort Contributor

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