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Audio Technica W11R, Denon D7000, Hifiman HE500- wich???

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by musicday, Feb 19, 2012.
  1. musicday
    Hi guys, i own at the moment the W11R,and i do really like their sound and everything.Will D7000 or HE500 have a simmilar or better sound?
    Wich are more confortable to use?How much does the HE500 leak?Can i listen to them for example on the plane,train?The D7000 cable cannot be replaced?
    I will be used  mainily only with DX100 in march when will arrive.My Clip+ Rocboxed can drive quite easily the W11R.
  2. Neogeo333
    I dont think the HE-500 is a portable can.  You might get better result with the 400 or 300 from Hifiman.  D7000 is also no good too big and need a good amp to sound best. 
  3. idletime1213
    HE400 and HE300 are just as "portable" as the HE500
  4. Han Bao Quan
    The HE-500 and D7000 have different sound, I wouldn't say one is better than the other, it's about reference. But both would complement each other very well. The D7000 doesn't isolate very well though, but you get the benefits of closed cans with a bit of better bass.
    Both are excellent headphones. You really can't go wrong with either. The Denon will be easier to drive than the HE-500, and it will sound good out of portable can. You'll need some good amp for the HE-500, although it's the most efficient Hifiman so it's easy to drive as well.
    I don't know about the HE-400 but from reviews it's a step or two below the HE-500, and the HE-300 is dynamics not ortho, so it might sound better or worse than the HE-400, I'm not sure.
  5. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    Typical Head-fi hyperbole. ANY headphone will be recommended with a good amp to sound their best.

    The D7000 is very easy to drive and will sound good off anything.

    However, I do agree about portability. They are huge and fragile.
  6. Han Bao Quan


    Agreed, An amp may give it some benefits, but I run it through my portable players just fine.
  7. Neogeo333
    My point is there cans made specifically for portability.  Why use cans that where design for home listening for road use?  Im the kind of person who takes care my cans and would never take any of my top cans to the outside environment where i have no control if something might happen to them.  I mean D7000 go for 700+ and HE500 is 700, were some D2000 is 240 and sounds similar to the D7000 and easier to drive. Another good set is Beyer T50p. 
  8. TheMiddleSky
    If you're looking for something for portable and easy to drive, why not looking at ATH ESW series or ES series? ULS ED8 is never a bad choice for high end portable rig too.
  9. musicday
    How bad does the HE500 leak?Can i use them on a plane or not?Also i like the look of D7000 more, and i heard they are very confortable.So wich have a better freqvency response?I wish i can listen to both before i purchase one.I live in South London and can't find a Denon headphones dealer.
  10. Han Bao Quan
    Forget portable if you're gonna use the HE-500, and not because it leaks, but because it's ortho and you would need a sufficient amp to drive it. And I don't think the E7 or E17 are good enough.
    If portable is primary concern, I suggest check out the V-Moda M-80

  11. musicday
    But i want to use HE500 with DX100, as i heard they have a good synergy, is that better combo then DX100+D7000?


  12. Han Bao Quan

    Is that the iBasso DX100? If so it's not powerful enough to drive the HE-500 sufficiently IMO. The D7000 would be a better match.

  13. musicday
    iBasso DX100 is not powerful enough to drive HE500? Are the D7000 better then W11R? Can i walk with D7000 or they will damage becouse of the wood construction.Thanks
  14. slwiser Contributor
    How about taking the advice of someone who has the HE-500 and DX100 here:
    and here:
    and here:
  15. musicday
    So are the D7000 very good for their price or should i go for HE500?My budget is 700 $.I am going to use them with DX100.Thanks

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