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Audio technica TAD500

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by n05ey, Aug 4, 2016.
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  1. n05ey
    For Sale or Trade
    I have a pair of audio technica TAD-500's for sale or trade in the Sydney area. It is just the headphones themselves with no packaging, they are in good condition. They work well and have a lovely warm sound, i just have no use for open cans.

    Price is $old plus shipping and paypal fees,
    I am open to trading these classy open cans for a pair of isolating iem's, preferably something worn over the ear like the shure se215's but if you have something else in mind it is still worth sending a PM [​IMG]

    I also have a topping nx1 amp and/or fiio e02i (Rocky) both with no packaging that could be added to sweeten the trade.

    Given the reasonably low value of the items it would be good to keep it in Sydney but i am open to posting if the trade or sale is right.
Thread Status:
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