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Audio-Technica IM50, IM70 Discussion Thread

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  1. MelloWatic
    Feel free to share your opinions about them[​IMG].
  2. quartertone
    My opinion on the IM50: the bargain of 2013. A really good, enjoyable earphone - not just "for the price."
  3. MelloWatic
    In what ways is it enjoyable to you, care to share? [​IMG]
  4. quartertone
    Well, it has quite a meaty, big sound - the stage is quite large and deep, there's plenty of sub-bass and the mids are also pretty forward. The treble is smooth rather than sparkly, but doesn't cover up details. Acoustic instruments sound natural and electric ones sound vibrant. Just hard to fault really, unless one insists on a very neutral sound. The fit with the memory wire might be a sticking point for some, but I find it OK despite wearing glasses.
  5. Mr Trev
    How do you find the size/fit of them. From all the pics i've seen they seem to be on the largish size. I'm thinking bout getting some new phones for my X3, and am looking at the im50s, or possibly the vsonic vsd3s whenever they get released (supposedly at the end of this month). Since the X3 already has a warm sound, how do you speculate the im50 would match?
  6. quartertone
    They're pretty much in the middle - I use them on the Colorfly C3, which is quite neutral, and the Sansa Fuze, which is slightly warm, and they're equally good on both.
  7. MelloWatic
    Anyone here have used both the IM50 and IM70?
    It will be great if you could share your personal opinions on their differences.
  8. sacrifice13
    I agree with all of this!
  9. MelloWatic
    To those who have heard both, mind explaining why IM70 is priced higher? Does it have a better sound than the IM50?
  10. MelloWatic
    Bumped :)
  11. Kukyo

    I'm still waiting for my IM50's so i can compare both of them, but i've read some people that have said that the 70 is more refined maybe. Beats me, i went with it blind, and i found them to be very clean, and they adjust to any style i throw at them. They're not HE-6 clean, but they're cleaner than most of my IEM's (well, maybe the GR04 Pro gets close enough...). In the end, the one that most people seem to be jumping into is the IM50, considering the price...
  12. kamcok
    I just received my IM70s, I'll write a more detailed review later on but so far here's my first impression.
    The sound signature is quite warm due to the strong presence of the bass. It's very clear and detailed, at times the bass can put the other frequencies in the shadows a little.
    I think people who bought the RE-400 and would've liked more bass would like these since the price point is quite similar.
    I got mine delivered with EMS to Australia to a total of ~$120 AUD.
    EDIT: After using for a longer time, I realized that I only felt that it was slightly overwhelming because I'm used to using IEMs with weak bass. 
    The IM70 has boosted bass unarguably but the rest of the frequencies are still clear and detailed. The sound is very engaging, fun, and are not suited for those looking for analytical sounds.
    I like this IEM a lot, I think this sound signature will suit a larger consumer range.
  13. ozkan
    I just received my IM50s. This little thing is a absolutely a beast. Definetely my best purchase of the year. It has been only 15 minutes but I can't pull them out of my ears. It's so good. I will write a detailed review and compare to my other IEMs after some burn-in. 
  14. ozkan
    I agree with you too. How many hours does IM50s need burn-in?
  15. quartertone
    I don't think it "needs" any. 
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