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Audio technica headphones

  1. Clint2016
    If youve heard the audio technica headphones models; msr7, dsr7bt, and dsr9bt. What did you notice about the sound signatures of each, and how do the bluetooth models compare to the msr7. Ive heard the msr7 and loved it but would prefer bluetooth, if those models sound similar then i might purchase them. Any info you can give on the sound will be much appreciated. Also note, ill be using the headphones to stream music from my phone using the tidal app. So any info on how the sound of each headphone might be effected by the use of a phone and tidal. Thanks
  2. Asim lau
    Hey, I know this is an old thread about Audio Technica headphones.

    And, I hope to give some suggestions to the newbie.

    Audio Technica headphones models;

    But there are problems with battery life, Bluetooth connection, sound quality, etc., then get some controversy.

    Anyway, having a look at the Audio Technica brand’s history will tell you that it has really made some good efforts for the purpose of the development of its products. If you are looking for the best Audio Technica headphones, I found this a better resource for you.

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