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Audio-Technica CKS1000 (FURTHER PRICE DROP)

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  1. quartertone
    For Sale
    For sale is the flagship of AT's Solid Bass series, the mighty CKS1000. Aside from the outermost packaging (which I'd probably leave out), everything is as good as new and it has about 200 hours of use (worth pointing out, as it's generally considered to need that). 
    The price includes shipping and PayPal fees within Europe. Other places may require an extra fee. I'd also be interested in a trade for the JVC FX700.
  2. Lifted Andreas
    Wow, you're selling these too? :xf_eek:
    I might be interested.
    Any particular reason for sale, do they just not fit your ears well?
  3. quartertone
    Well, they're a bit bulky. Plus the sound is great but not quite what I'm after. I do enjoy them though.
  4. Lifted Andreas
    Ah yeah thats always been my concern with them, I was hoping to get them last year at some point but the bulkiness just put me off. It looks like they stick out immensely and make people look like frogs lol.
    Their sound sig has always interested me though.
  5. quartertone
    They stick out, but the fit is very comfortable. Really nice soundstage.
  6. Lifted Andreas
    I think I might go for these mate if I bottle it on the XBA-40 purchase this friday.
    Culd you hold them for me by any chance? Maybe you would be happy to do a part exchange for my FXT-90LTD in Red? [​IMG] 
  7. quartertone
    Thanks, but I already have a normal FXT90. [​IMG] No problem holding them, you're the only one interested so far anyway. 
  8. Lifted Andreas
    Good stuff mate!
    I will definitely consider them, not read many comparisons on the 40s vs 1000s yet... waynes world has definitely got a thing for the CKS1000 and Trance music. Basically saying they're pretty much the best he's heard for this genre.
  9. quartertone
    Yeah, don't think I've encountered that comparison either. FWIW, the 40s do seem to need quite big ears to be comfortable, whereas the CKS1000 are only big on the bit that's located outside, if you get my drift.
  10. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah wonder why there are no comparisons, maybe because they are completely different build in terms of tech/drivers. Still it would have been interesting to see what advantages/disadvantages of each are.
    In all honesty I think its a safer bet for me to buy the CKS1000 from you, the 40s will be coming from the US and there is always a possibility of a giant customs charge on top of what they cost me. Also, they are a year old before I've even bought them so age comes into play as well here.
  11. quartertone
    Still available.
  12. quartertone
    Trade offer added.
  13. jojomax
  14. quartertone
    Feel free to PM me.
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