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Audio-Technica ATHCK7 vs. Klipsh S4

  1. McChickenz
    Hi everyone,
    I already have the ATH M50's from Audio Technica and love those cans to death.  
    That being said, I want a pair of portable earbuds--for the forumites who have both of these, which one do you prefer?  I'm leaning to the A-T's just because I've had nothing but excellence from the M50's so far.  
  2. kmhaynes
    I've had both, and IMO they are similar in sound:  strong bass and hot trebles, with the S4 having a slight edge on both categories.  The mids on both are recessed in comparison to the bass and trebles -- they OK on the S4, but very recessed on the CK7.  It is an extremely cool and dry sounding IEM with very little mid warmth.
    If you go with the S4, let play/burn in for about 60+ hours (loud music is fine), so that the bass and trebles will both smooth out and settle down some.
  3. McChickenz
    Thanks kmhaynes for the reply.  So the S4 just kinda trumps the A-T then?  Is it from the fact that the A-T usually needs a new ear-tip flange thing in order to get the correct seal?
    Also, if there's another earphone that is better for the money, I'd like to hear about it as well.
    If you have anymore input, please post it up, thanks!
  4. McChickenz
    Does anybody have more input?  Is there a way to compare all earphones under $100?  It was under my impression that these two were tops in the sub $100 category.  If nobody has the time to explain, could you at least point me to the right direction?
    Thank you,

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