Audio Technica ATH-WS770is

  1. Klitschko
    I've been looking for some new headphones lately and looking on the Audio Technica website and i came across something called the ATH-WS770is and ATH-WS550is. So i decided to do some more research on the pair and ii found next to nothing. I was wondering of anyone knew anything about them. Their specs seem near identical to the PRO700Mk2's but I just want to see if there is anything special about them.
    Thanks in advance. [​IMG] 
  2. InternPrimas
    I been wondering the same thing for the "Audio-Technica ATH-WS770i".
  3. jlerner22
    just bought them...Gotta say, they are horrible. Running them for about a week. Full burn in.
    They are muddy. Yes they have bass but sound is awful.
    They are going back. ATH-50X here i come
  4. vampula
    Well, in my case- i like ws770 more then m50x)
    But i had to fully close the vents in cups. With this kind of mod, I've got more mids and highs, less bass but lost some of the soundstage. Also planing to have some experiments with damping materials and pads. From what I saw inside of the cups, their 53mm drivers are unique, and certainly have alot of potential!

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