audio technica ath-w1000z
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Dec 20, 2011
I can get these local for 250.00 new from an authorized dealer is that a good deal? I just bought P7's but the price is so low in thinking of getting this also.
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Audio Technica ATH-W1000Z headphones new for $250, sounds fishy to me.
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It's from a very reputable store I just don't want to give my source until I buy them I think they only have two sets. I will pick them up tomorrow and list where I got them so possibly someone else can pick up the other set.
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Here is the deal I picked them up from Magnolia AV in the woodlands Tx it was the last one brand new in box 250.00 here is the sweet part they have several available at different stores you can purchase through them and they can have them delivered to your local best buy of your choice. I'm sure you can go to any MagnoliaAv store and get them shipped to that location for free if not just call the woodlands location. He showed me the stock at the different stores and it looked like about 10-12 pairs nationwide. Not sure how nice your local Magnolia is but the Woodlands location I have always had good service and I bought a Panasonic 65"Zt from them and Sonus Faber speakers from them in the past because the other places in Houston didn't give me the service they did. Anyhow if you choose to call the woodlands Tx store they can take care of you over the phone.

Also note it is for ath-w1000x
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Well it would be nice if I could find a deal like that online for the 1000x. I'm currently debating whether or not to get in on the HD700 deal on massdrop and if I could get these instead it would save me a few hundred bucks lol.

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