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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. ballard3
    You can read those bad reviews (only about build quality)  on Amazon product page.
  2. Tomkat85
    For anyone wondering whether R70X scales favorably with different amps & DACs - so far I have listened to it quite extensively across the Audinst MX1 (with its own Wolfson 8740 as DAC unfortunately cannot use MX1 as a stand alone amp) as well as the beastly NuForce HA200. The other DAC I do have is a cheap USB Asynchronous DAC but uses the Sabre ES9023 (SA9027 as usb receiver) - which that refines the sound imaging and transparency and detailing; in some cases even more so than the already excellent Wolfson 8740.
    I haven't tried the R70X with my Audiotailor Jade though (1x 12AX7 and 1x6AS7G valve hybrid headamp)...with my current setup as is in power cords, ICs, and extra isolation cones (TAOC Tite25s) setup from the last 4-5 years have convinced me to never wanting to listen to anything else... though for the jade-R70x pairing perhaps  I will be back for more write up.
  3. Tomkat85
    ....And believe it or not - yes some of you are anxious to hear this - gaming with the R70X.
    Is the R70X good enough for gaming? To my ears - ever so involvingly so.
    While I'm not a hardcore gamer per se (the only space for games I have is the thoughtful ones...think MGS, Witchers, etc) - the enveloping bass signature and expansive lower mid range; combined with the effortless, non fatiguing neutrality - the R70X completely changed my experience.
    Even more so - that I find vocals sounds so well shaped in Witcher 3 -  for the very first times ever that I turn off in-game subtitles when playing a game. I can honestly say I have never, ever done that before in my life for years, where I would always, always rely on subtitles. It's almost a UX acessibility expectation. Until now.
    Sure, there are times where I do need to switch it back on (some drowned out information from nearby NPCs) - but the fact that voices sound so well "outlined" and "shaped" - the R70X uncannily made me understand the voices that much more convincingly; well - human and clear.
    Enjoy the extra food for thought!
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  4. Suopermanni
    Have many people had the pleasure to test both the HE500s vs. the R70x? I'm one of those lucky people to have both on me BUT I'm not the kind of person that can wax lyrically about the similarities and differences. I lack the distinct vocabulary. But that being said, I do like both and they have some startling similarities to me in general tonal balance.
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  5. keanex Contributor
    I have heard the HE500 and the R70x, but not side by side. I don't trust hifiman's customer support or durability so that's primarily what draws me away from them. Sound quality to price ratio is hard to compete with with hifiman, unfortunately they have too many consistency issues for me to take a gamble. Shame cause I loved the HE560. Like LOVED.
  6. Triodemode
    Most of the comments throughout this thread are what I experience, and It all comes down to this... Anyone who desires a neutral sonic signature delivered with an exceptional rich naturalness including an expansive sound stage, should do themselves a favor and audition a well broken in pair of R70x's.  Over the last several months of listening to them, my Beyerdynamic DT880 and Sennheiser HD650 continue to collect dust.  Driven by a capable amplifier, these comfortable headphones really deliver music without adding or subtracting anything from it.  They have that rare ability to walk the line between being too analytical and thus fatiguing, or being overly veiled and boring.
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  7. keanex Contributor
    I find the HD650 to be too midbass/lower mid (male vocals) forward, while rolling off gently towards each direction otherwise overall leaving me super unsatisfied. The DT880 I briefly heard but they sounded very clinical, but nice, with treble issues. Both had issues, though the DT880 could be EQd out easily while the HD650 I would rather just buy an HD600 and be happier (which is exactly what I did). I plan to do a direct HD600 to R70x comparison but honestly I think I'd like both in my arsenal. Just from the top of my head the R70x sound more resolving in the mids to treble while the Hd600 have a more honest/euphoric sound, while maintaining the integrity of the tonal balance. Boy I feel really silly saying all that mumbo jumbo to be honest, but it's what makes sense at the moment. 
  8. Triodemode

    This is what now turns me off bout the HD650 as well.  While they are lush and very easy to listen too, they do favor certain frequencies over others, and when compared the R70x begin to sound somewhat artificial. 
    Really curious to get your more in depth impressions comparing the R70x and HD600 headphones keanex.  Tomkat85 found a very different sonic picture was presented by the HD600 than the R70x, as he wrote about one page back. 
  9. rovopio
    Do you think that the hd600 conveys more emotion on vocals? Do you think the hd600 has nicer to listen to midrange? Because I do think so. I don't have the hd600 with me though so I can't make a proper comparison.
  10. woodpecker

    Agreed. Tried some FPS and they are very good. Notably better than HD600. The unfatiguing nature helps with the increased volume of Dolby headphone and other DSP effects. 3D positioning is very good.
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  11. ballard3
    Any opinion about build quality?
  12. woodpecker

    Guys, stop believing everything you read (esp. on Amazon). Develop a healthy criticism.
    Build quality is solid. Yes, they are very light, which may feel cheap. But they also feel very solid and robust. They are monitor headphones and should be able to handle a lot of abuse.
    The metal headband is verrrrry robust and the plastic or whatever composite it is, feels durable.
    They are not shiny and some screws are visible, but it sort of gives the pro/sturdy feel to it.
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  13. ballard3

         Perfect. Thank you
  14. eimis
    Well, in short, my opinion about the HD6xx is that after selling my HD650 for being dissatisfied with their sound, auditioning many other headphones over time, including the HD600, buying the R70X is that HD6xx sound plain weird, in a bad way. The bass sounds simply wrong - I can't even explain it. Though the HD650 were capable of causing a certain emotional reaction by their vocal and solo reproduction, the headphones were not good sounding as a whole and would make me scratch my ears for any stuck cotton.
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  15. woodpecker

    My thoughts exactly! The HD600 just don't produce music in the whole audio frequency spectrum. The treble is not accurate enough and the bass is pretty useless. So mids are the only thing they can play and that is cheating from my perspective. A full range audio transducer that retains the ability to resolve, dissect and at the same time provides a good sense of space and soundstage, is something else entirely. And R70x come pretty close to that.
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