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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. Pokemonn

    Okay i don't know i can explain that because my english skill is so limited, english is not my mother tongue. I am so sorry.
    Please can someone explain that for pjyi???
    according to my experience, to reduce few dB upper 3-5 kHz can kill brightness. I often use Behringer DEQ2496 and iTunes software EQ and FFT Plot(iOS app, real time sound frequent analyzer) is good for simplified sound measurement. 
  2. pjyi
    I shall try that!
    Thank you for your response!
  3. Draulius
    These are one of the lightest over-ear headphones I've seen. Hopefully it's still just as durable as some of the other Audio-Technica headphones I've used.
    Based on your review I'm guessing that these headphones have a less wide/spacious sounding soundstage compared to the AD700X or AD900X for example? You make them sound more forward in that regard. Let me know if this is true.
  4. eimis
    Experience death with DSOTM MFSL CD > ODAC > magni 2u > ath-r70x
  5. wgb113
    How would you compare them to the AKG K712 and K812?
  6. earfonia
    I haven't compared them side by side. But from memory, I clearly prefer R70x over AD700x and AD900x, mainly due to more linear tonality. Imaging wise, I'm not sure which one sounds more spacious. I compared R70x with T1 and HD800, and T1 & HD800 sound more spacious. But not sure when R70x compared with the ADs. Probably about the same perceived spaciousness.
  7. Pokemonn
    I agree with you earfonia. I did A/B testing between R70x and AD900x. AD900x sound slightly cheap and unnatural sounding... lol
  8. Draulius
    Has anyone been able to compare this headphone with the K701/2 or it's descendants yet?
  9. hakushondaimao

    Compared R70x, K7XX and HD650 in my review.
  10. maikuirock

    I have the K712. The K712 are further back as the R70x is a little more forward. The K712 are really flat (i would prefer these for true monitoring phones). R70x sound sig is more engaging with slight warmth, but not too much and has more body through FR. For listening enjoyment i prefer the R70x as there are no irritating spikes in the FR. They are far more comfortable than my HD800s or any full size i've worn, they're practically invisible on your head. Been working on a impressions the last few weeks, will post soon.
  11. Draulius
    I'm surprised that the K712 would sound further back than the R70x. I've always known over-ear Audio-Technica headphones to be very wide and spacious sounding, at least with headphones like the AD700(X) and AD900(X) which sound even further back than the K712.
    Does anyone here know if even the Fidelio X2 has a wider or more spacious sounding soundstage than the R70x? 
  12. Beagle
    Not a fan of the R70x. I find them bland, dull, boring. And no low end at all (never heard an open AT with any low end). Every genre of music I played thru them sounding like a giant yawn. And yes, I had run them in solidly for a few days before getting down to business. I was using the Burson Soloist. Perhaps I should use a telephone instead?
  13. Pokemonn

    I agree with you basically.
    But all real life sounds sounds boring and yawn. doesn't it?
    If real life sounds sounds crisp or sharp or fun or etc... then we will lose sanity. maybe...
  14. Beagle
    Doesn't have to sound crisp and sharp in order to be exciting or musical..
    nick n likes this.
  15. vlenbo

    Nice, seems that it is a reference headphone, thank you for sharing.

    Sorry to read that you did not enjoy listening to the r70x. Might as well sell it as soon as possible.

    That is correct, but the usage of "dull" differs from person to person as always. He just listed the general terms that might be the people who find headphones to be fun. Also, your comment about dull sstrangely reminds me of the cosmic gr07, which was loved by a good amount of people. Since you said that, I hope the same thing happens to this audio technica open headphone.
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