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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. Beagle
    Or it could be that it is easy just to say that a cheaper headphone sounds as good as a more expensive model. It makes one feel better...especially if they can't afford expensive models (and the required amplification). Mind you, the law of diminishing returns usually comes more into play as the price goes up.
  2. earfonia
    Well, probably some people do that. But certainly that's not always the case. There are many cheaper headphones that sound worst than the more expensive ones, probably that's the normal case, but the other way happen as well.
    The point is, price tag is price tag, sound quality is sound quality. They are not technically linked to each other, only by people estimation of value. And we know that we estimate value differently in subjective manner.
    So, when evaluating sound quality, price aside. Price comes into factor when we evaluate value.
  3. kite7 Contributor
    Can someone talk more about the depth of the pads and how it could be a problem for someone with more protruding ears? If your ears touch the baffle, does it become uncomfortable after some prolonged time of usage? For example for me the ,the ATH AD900X has angled drivers yet my ears still slightly touch the baffle but is still comfortable for me. Will this mean it'll probably be uncomfortable for me if I were to use the R70x since the drivers are not angled and the angle of the pads itself isn't deep enough?
  4. Pokemonn
    I have not problem with both headphone.I don't know what can be wrong i am sorry.
    btw I prefer AD900x's sounds over R70x...lol...my ear must be cheap...lol
  5. earfonia
    It is personal preference, nothing wrong liking cheaper model over the more expensive one [​IMG]
    Happen to me many times... I guess I have cheap ears as well... lol  [​IMG] 
    At least we are honest to ourselves on what we hear, and not biased by the price tag.
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  6. Suopermanni
    I've just recently got a pair of the R70X and currently testing it on my Pulse Xfi + Violectric V200 rig. 
    It really doesn't sound like the Audio Technica house sound, does it? It's smooth and relaxed, to me. It does have good instrumental separation for me as well.
  7. earfonia

    Agree. No Audio-Technica house sound at all on R70x.
  8. pjyi
    I just got these headphones 2 days ago and here are some of my thoughts.
    These are one of the most comfortable and best sounding headphones I have used to this date.
    In terms of sound signature, these are very flat, and sound natural to me. They also sound warmer than other open headphones I have used in the past like Sony MA900. These sound a little warmer for my taste but I've heard that the amp/dac I am using (fiio e17) right now makes the sound warmer so I am planning on getting neutral sounding amp/dac combo. These reminded me of Sennheiser HD 650 but I like these better. Very easy to listen to, yet they don't lack any detail. 
    Many have said that these lack a little bit of bass, but not a problem for me.
    The only thing that is bothering me right now is its built quality and finishing. They just don't look like a $350 headphone.
    Overall, I am really happy with the purchase and very excited to try other amp/dac (possibly schiit magni/modi combo).
  9. JimmyJohns99

    everyone here is spot on. The other thing i like is they are extremely airy
  10. Triodemode
    Just a note to address the build quality issue that several (including myself) have mentioned.  From what I have read the transducer in the R70x may be very expensive to manufacture as a result of it's 'High-efficiency magnets and pure alloy magnetic circuit'.  So to keep the price more affordable they might have placed these drivers into more basic and utilitarian looking package.  Even though the R70x may feel cheap and fragile due to it's very light weight, I can confirm from use that the construction is still very durable. 
    I have seen many expensive headphones whose looks are stunning, only to be disappointed by it's less than stellar sound.  I would much rather drive a finely tuned Porsche or Ferrari with a bad ugly paint job, than drive a low power poor handling car with a hand rubbed meticulously manicured $5,000+ finish.
  11. hakushondaimao

    Agreed 100%.
    When they're on your ears you don't see them. You feel them and hear them; they feel like they're not there, and sound divine. Money well spent, and not an ounce of buyer's remorse here.
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  12. earfonia
    +1. Agree to both of you!
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  13. Pokemonn
    FYI, i did test my R70x with TEAC USB DAC UD501's phone out, its sound no warm and very analytical. this combo worked very fine.
    I can now hear Keith Jarrett's harpsichord very fine with this combo. I would be glad if I could help you.
  14. eimis
    Just reposting my experience from elsewhere: I recently got these, people in the store praised them, including fellow customers. Somebody remarked that they don't do anything right or wrong. That's exactly what tonal neutrality is. Finally, no part of my music is presented as more important than any other; nothing is emphasized or understated. The sound is simply effortless. Soundstage and imaging are great. Out of all the Beyerdynamic DT880/990/770/T1, Sennheiser HD800/650/600/598, AKG K702/812/712, Fostex TH500RP/TH900, Shure SRH1840, HiFiMAN HE-500 and a few others that I've heard in my life, only SRH1540 gets slightly close to ATH-R70x in sounding right to me. More people need to know about the ATH-R70x for sure. Ya'll better get it now before it's a total rarity! DAmn they sound so fine. Loving vocals and live performances. I'd love to hear a headphone that outperform these.
  15. SunByrne Contributor
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