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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. hakushondaimao

    Thanks for the comment. I would agree.
  2. earfonia
    I heard of TH900 long time ago, so memory is fading, from what I remember, TH900 seems less colored than HD650, what do you think?
  3. Beagle
    So you are saying the $400 R70x competes with $1500 cans?
  4. pjyi
    I have heard that e09k+e17 should be able to play r70x without a problem.
    I have e17 and I am planning on purchasing e09k amp. Should I go ahead and do so? or sell my e17 and purchase some other amp/dac? My budget is very limited :frowning2:
    Thank you guys in advance!!
  5. earfonia
    If you plan to use it to drive R70x, the most portable solution so far, from what I've experience so far, DX90 is one of the best player for R70x. At least for my preference, DX90 sounds best for R70x, compared to other players I tried. If it is beyond your budget, get a second hand DX90.
  6. pjyi
    I wish I could afford that :frowning2: I'm afraid i can't.
    I guess my options are E17+E09K / Magni+Modi / O2+ODAC for my budget
    My budget is around $125 (+$100 if I sell my E17).
  7. hakushondaimao

    The O2 drives my R70x beautifully, so the ODAC version should work fine, too. Nice thing about that is it's an all-in-one, so no stacking.
  8. Triodemode

    As has been stated by many users here before, cost is not an overall indicator of a headphones sound quality. 
    It has been about a year since comparing the TH900 to the Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm and HD650.  To my ears both the TH900 and HD650 even though wonderfully musical sounding, were a little colored compared to the DT880.  So by saying the R70x is more natural than my DT880, will also mean less colored than the TH900.
    earfonia likes this.
  9. earfonia
    Till now I still don't understand on what basis price tag can be an indicator of sound quality.
    Sound quality is simply physics, interpreted by our ears and brain. Price tag is used by marketing people to position their product in the market place, and it doesn't indicate sound quality of a product.
  10. Triodemode

    Totally agree earfonia...  There may also be additional costs passed on to the consumer as a result of using expensive materials like silver wire, titanium, exotic woods, leather and a host of other materials, none of which necessarily contribute to improved audio quality.  Sound engineering and exhaustive testing is the only way to ensure the best sound per dollar for any audio product.
  11. Beagle
    So why would AT not "position their product" (AT-R70x) with a $1500 price tag then, if it sounds as good at others at that price point?
  12. hakushondaimao

    Perhaps volume? You can price at $1500, make a lot on each unit sold, but not sell very much, or you can price at a level the average consumer will pay, not make so much per unit, and sell truckloads. The Japanese are all about market share, so it makes sense AT would go that way.
    It helps also that the R70x is basically a speaker held on your head with the least possible amount of additional material possible (hence the lightness). I can't imagine the build cost is very high, and certainly the accessories (pouch and only one cable) and packaging also keep costs down.
  13. earfonia
    Well, I don't know. You should ask AT, I'm not their marketing team.
    Every company has their own marketing strategy. Many use overpriced strategy for whatever reason.
    If 2 companies taking an OEM headphone from an OEM company, re-brand it with their own brand, and sell it at different price, do you think the one with higher price sounds better? This is real case, we know that.
    Another aspect we have to think, instead of questioning why R70x only priced $350 if it competes higher price headphones, why don't we ask the other way around, why those expensive headphones priced so high?
    Well, I just share my experience here, that price tag is not an indication of sound quality. I said that simply base on experience. If it is, it would be so easy to pick the best headphone, just get the most expensive, maybe like Ultrasound Edition 10 [​IMG]

  14. fumoffuXx
    I just got a pair of mogami cables made for my r70x :) and they are pretty much an upgrade from the stock cables. Greater bass impact and bringing them forward. Overall musicality sounds fuller and having a little more treble. :) TEsted throught my N6 :D
  15. earfonia

    Nice! Mogami Neglex 2534?
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