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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. earfonia
    Actually none. The wire from the LyxPro cable is rather thick, strong enough to withstand certain pull force. At the headphone ends, the heat shrink is rather tight fit with the cable hole of the 2.5mm connector. At the 3.5mm end, inside the jack there is the common clamp for the wire. So far so good, and I always hold the connector when pulling out, not the cable, so no problem so far.
  2. chongky
    On the same topic concerning the HD600 and ATH-70x which is better for classical music well amped? I have the Fidelio X2 which I found a bit too warm for my taste, especially on classical tracks.
  3. Pokemonn

    IMHO, those headphones harshness rateing is...
     more harsh    X2 >>> HD600 >>> R70x   less harsh
    all up to your preference... i choose HD650 for classical music.
  4. Rocko1
    Thanks for the reply. Got it. [​IMG]
  5. earfonia

    For my preference, I do prefer brighter sounding headphones for classical music, brighter than both R70x and HD600. I prefer something like T1 or HD800. DT880 also a good headphone for classical. The cheapest option would probably Philips SHP9500.
  6. fumoffuXx
    Not sure if my input matters, haha i tried the r70x thru a N6 raw with high gain and about 60 volume it sounds absolutely amazing. Then i tried it thru N6 > bravo audio v2( new mullard) sounded...mehh i find the r70x truly comes to life with neutral sounding sources? Then again i need to tried it with the bravo stock tube haha. But now N6 raw is absolutely killing it haha only like 6 hrs burnt in! :) Loving it
    twister6 likes this.
  7. twister6 Contributor
    If you have Cayin C5, try it with N6/R70x - epic combo!!!  But I do like it straight out of N6 as well :wink:
  8. DGG32

    I have been enjoying the r70x with my fiio x3ii+ cayin c5 for about a month now and i have not tried the n6. In your opinion, is the improvement in sq worth the upgrade from the x3ii to the n6?
  9. kawaivpc1
    can anyone compare this to Shure's SRH1840?
  10. Pokemonn

    R70x high is little bit weaker than SRH1840s high.
    R70x is little bit warmer than SRH1840.
    but R70x is little bit more organic and natural sounding than SRH1840. SRH1840 sound synthetic for me.
    If you want a professional monitor headphone(i mean not for listening), SRH1840 is little bit better. IMHO.
    kawaivpc1 likes this.
  11. fumoffuXx
    to me x3ii is dark sounding, n6 is brighter with very large soundstage strong bass as well. well i havent heard x3 with the r70x so yea lol thats the description i got for it lol
  12. kawaivpc1

    Any comment on sound stage comparison?
    SRH1840's sound stage is more 3D than that of HD650.
  13. Pokemonn

    SRH1840s sound stage is little bit wider than R70x.
  14. fumoffuXx
    Hey earfonia. Read ur review on the sb x7. U able to pair it with the r70x?
  15. kawaivpc1

    I see.... I've been using SRH 1840 outdoors.
    For outdoor critical listening, would you recommen R70x?
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