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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. SunByrne Contributor
    I just got my R70x on Tuesday and I'm taking delivery of M70x tomorrow. So far, I love the R70x and will write a full review probably next week (on travel this week), and then in another couple weeks I'll write a comparison with the M70x.
  2. hakushondaimao

    I'll be doing likewise with the MSR7, which I just got today. Will let it loosen up a bit over a few days (fairly bright out of the box), and then do a shoot-out.
  3. 214324
    Excited to see this!
  4. earfonia
    I only heard M70x once in an exhibition. It has high emphasize on treble. Sounds bright to me, but not the kind of brightness that makes us frowning. Actually the transparency is quite nice. M70x emphasize a lot on transparency and clarity, but rather too much, and lacking of bass. It has good quality bass, but lacking in quantity. Their tonality is like a linear ramp, going up from bass to treble. So it has very different tonality than R70x. Not sure whether it is a compliment or not [​IMG]
  5. oopeteroo
    I know hd650 has the eargasm vocal/mids for female vocal. How does the r70x compare to hd650 or hd600 with bottlehead crack ? when it comes to vocal ?
  6. Fidelity King
    Has anybody here who's heard the r70x also heard the new mr speakers ether? If so please do make a sound comparison. It seems as if though the r70x and ether have a similar sound and this really interests me
  7. Pokemonn
    HD650 have more eargasm than R70x. R70x need a little bit more dynamics...IMHO.
  8. Triodemode

    I own both...  IMO the HD650 has a slightly lusher organic sound however, it is not as tonally accurate as the R70x.  To my ears the R70x strikes a perfect tonal balance between my HD650 and Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm.
    earfonia likes this.
  9. Pokemonn

    yeah, I agree with you.
  10. Utopia
    That would be great. Another headphone that comes to mind for comparison is the HE560. Has anyone heard both the R70x and the HE560?
    abdullah1 likes this.
  11. Zxzxxcxc
    Could someone compare the amount and tightness of bass in r70x to other popular headphones?
    It's very important for me because to much bass really disturb me and I have no chance to listen AT before buying it.
    For example in HE-400i there is defenitly to much of it, whereas on hd800 I feel a little lack of it.
    I like the amount in HE-560 and AD900x. Bass in HD600 is also ok.
  12. hakushondaimao

    The only one of the above that I've tried so far is the HE-560 (20 minutes in a headphone shop), and I'd say the R70x has less bass. This is going from memory though; I haven't A/B'ed the two. I mentioned in my review (see sig. below) that the R70x is not a headphone for bass-heads; bass is not overwhelming, but tight and definitely present.
  13. Triodemode

    I have compared the HD600 and the HD650 (which I own) several years ago.  As I remember the overall bass on the 650 was definetely more prominent by at least 3db than with the 600.  Now comparing the HD650 to the R70x reveils the overall bass quanitity to be pretty close between the two, with the R70x having 1 or 2db more.  However, I find the 650's bass to be a little thicker and less defined than with the R70x.  So with repect to the HD650 the R70x's bass is tighter to my ears.  I find the R70x to be one of the most tonally balanced headphones from top to bottom that I have heard.
    BTW, I also find the HD800 to be lacking in bass and for me too piercing in the critical 6-8khz range.  Hope this helps. [​IMG] 
  14. Zxzxxcxc
    Thank you for the answers, I'll order r70x soon [​IMG]
  15. twister6 Contributor
    Can't compare to other headphones you listed, but can tell you with certainty R70x bass is not about quantity but rather quality.  The bass is tight and accurate in a natural way, and there is no boost like you probably experienced with other headphones you mentioned above.
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